Monday, October 29, 2012

Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide Review and GIVE AWAY

Boy do I have some good news for you, dear readers! JumpStart Online contacted me again with another review opportunity. This time for their new Madagascar Preschool Surf and Slide App for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.  And guess what? The ever generous JumpStart company is going to to give my readers a chance to win the app.

About Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide

From the company...

From DreamWorks Animation and JumpStart comes Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide, and immersive themed game, where players join young Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman, and the entire Madagascar gang for a slip-sliding adventure in learning! Players will surf down amazing slides as they learn multitudes of preschool skills on their mobile devices.

Our Experience

I'm going to be completely honest and just start off telling you that this app can be a bit addictive. And not just for the preschooler in our house. There might have been an 11 and 41 year old who enjoyed testing the app when the small one wasn't around. The sliding around is just plain fun.

You start out picking your favorite Madagascar character. The characters are super cute baby versions of the originals. Baby Melman is always my first choice.  Next up, choose your ride. Turtles, clouds, snow boards, magic carpets, surf boards. There's something for everyone.

Next thing you know, you are ready to slide!

The controls are very easy for a preschooler to navigate. There is a slider bar on the bottom of the screen and all that your tot needs to do is use their finger to slide to the bar left or right to avoid the obstacles in their path or to collect stars. Sometimes Mort will jump on your ride with you. Kayleigh LOVES it when that happens.

Every so often, your child will encounter a balloon character. Now it's time for one of the learning games. The games cover all sorts of preschool skills: critical thinking, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, science (in the form or animals.) After about 4 questions, they get to pick a sticker for a job well done. The best part is that the questions are read out loud to the child, perfect for non-readers.

As you play, the different scenes will be available to you. The play is continuous so your little one won't get frustrated having to wait between scenes.

All-in-all Kayleigh has a blast playing Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide. It has all of her favorite characters that she loves and she's learning will having fun. A win for both of us!


Age Range: Preschool

Cost: $2.99

Win the App!

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KGB That's Me said...

Holden's favorite preschool app is probably Timmy's Preschool Adventure. He only has the free version, but he loves it and plays it over and over again. He loves the drawing feature that's included and the reward of reaching Timmy's Preschool.

KGB That's Me said...

Holden's favorite preschool app is probably Timmy's Preschool Adventure. We only have the free version, but he seems to really love it! He really likes the drawing feature that's included, and he loves the reward of reaching Timmy's Preschool at the end.

Ambra said...

Hmmmm....choosing our favorite preschool app is hard! My 4 and 2 year olds love the Toca apps, Toca Store, Toca Doctor, Toca Hair Salon, etc.

jeffreymwhite1 said...

Elinore's favorite app is, sadly, Netflix. Thanks for the drawing.

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