Sixth Grade Curriculum

My Mackenzie has a bit of a math phobia. Typical I know, but she's really, really good at it when she doesn't psych herself out. We're talking perfect math scores on her standardized tests for the most part. So this year I'm going to trying to break through this math wall she's built by adding in some living math type options. Fingers crossed! I can't take the crying anymore. Gah!!!


** What We Believe series - Apologia
** God's Great Covenant, New Testament - Classical Academic Press

Language Arts

** Word Roots levels A1 & A2
** Sonight Readers for Core F, Eastern Hemisphere
** Vocabulary/Spelling City - for spelling as needed and select vocabulary from reading


** Life of Fred Decimals (supplement)

Social Studies

** Sonlight's Core F, Eastern Hemisphere - Finish second half
** Sonlight's Core G, World History part 1 - if we finish Core F early


Other Stuff

** Private Piano lessons through Young Musicians of VA
** soccer, basket ball and cheerleading through Beach Junior Athletics


Jennifer said...

Your curriculum looks great!! We're using the Learn N' Folders for Zoology also. :)
I've considered Sonlight over the years and I have never heard anything bad about it. I sometimes wonder if I should try it - I know that it would take a lot of the planning out of my school year, which would be helpful!!

Jessica @ Mother of Action said...

Thanks for sharing!! Impressive list! Books are so much fun!! Happy Homeschooling!

Robin E. said...

I love Sonlight for many of the reasons you mention. Core 4 was a fabulous year; it contains soooo many amazing books. We loved it and I hope you do too. Thanks for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Great list of resources! We use HOD, which uses a lot of living books like Sonlight.

Erika said...

Great list, very thorough. Thanks for the input.

michelle said...

"'Rumor' has it that Core 5 is the biggest workload of all the cores and I've decided to save that for middle school and let her last year in elementary school be lighter."

Would you say this is true? How is she doing with the workload? I can't decide between F (5) or G (6) for my upcoming 7th grader.

Patty said...

Stephanie, do you notebook while doing Sonlight? I have been looking at my manual and noticed it's a lot of discussion, light on the writing, so I'm thinking of supplementing with activities and notebooking. It may take us 2 yrs to get through cores B+C (but we're using 4/5 readers with a 3rd grader, so I'm not too worried)!

Unknown said...

Do you use the sonlight LA? WE will be using Sonlight next year and I'm trying to decide weather I will use it or not!

Unknown said...

Do you use Sonlight's LA? If so, how do you like it?


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