Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lucky Seven

My other baby, Mackenzie, is going to be in seventh grade this year. Gah!! Why do they insist on growing up? It's getting annoying.

Once again, I was forced to plan for it against my will. Darn these kids.

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The spine for Mackenzie's seventh grade year is Sonlight's Core G: World History, Part 1. This year she will revisit the time of creation through the Middle Ages with lots and lots of books. I think she's excited because I keep catching her trying to read the books.


Sonlight Bible G featuring...

     International Children's Bible Field Guide
     Sing the Word: Credo...I Believe CD

Draw to Learn Proverbs  - Notgrass


Math-U-See Pre-Algerbra
      Mr. Demme all the way!!!

Language Arts

Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons - IEW
     Canadian Andy is back in the house!! Woot!!!

Fix It! Book 1: Tom Sawyer - IEW
     Canadian Andy revolutionized our writing lessons, so why not grammar too?

Sonlight Core G Read Alouds and Readers featuring...

     The Golden Goblet
     The Westing Game
     The Trojan War
     Master Cornhill
     Favorite Poems Old and New
     I, Juan de Pareja
     The Second Mrs. Gioconda
     A Single Shard
     Beyond the Desert Gate
     God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah
     Flame Over Tara
     The Shakespeare Stealer
     The Hidden Treasure of Glaston
     King Arthur: Tales from the Round Table
     The Samurai's Tale
     The Bronze Bow
     Adam of the Road
     Shadow of a Bull
     The Phantom Tollbooth
     The Great and Terrible Quest
     Mara, Daughter of the Nile
     The Beduins' Gazelle
     Mystery of the Roman Ransom
     Leonardo Da Vinci
     Hittite Warrior
     Archimedes and the Door of Science
     The Ides of April
     Mary, Bloody Mary
     A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
     Black Horses for the King
     Theras and His Town
     Son of Charlemagne
     The Monk Who Shook the World
     Greek Myths


Sonlight Core G featuring...

     The Kingdom Strikes Back
     The Story of the World, Ancient Times
     The Story of the World, The Middle Ages
      Usborne Encyclopedia: 12,000 Years of World History
     The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Draw and Write Through History: Creation through Jonah
Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome
Draw and Write Through History: The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance


     Exploring Creation with General Science
     Exploring Creation with General Science Student Notebook


Beginning Web Design, Homeschool Programming Inc.  (Semester 1)
The Art of Argument (Semester 2)
Rosetta Stone Spanish, Level 1
Creating a Masterpiece, Level 1
Visual Latin
Private Piano Lessons at Young Musicians of Virginia
Soccer through Beach Junior Athletics



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