Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Year - Part 2

This past week the Smith Family hit another milestone. It was Kayleigh's One-Year-Diaversary.
What, you ask , is a diaversary? It is what us T1Ps (Type One Parents) and T1Ds (Type One Diabetics) call the anniversary of their diagnosis. We have a whole secret language. lol

It was just two short months ago that it was Mackenzie's First-Diaversary.  Our feelings about this milestone haven't really changed since I wrote that post so I thought I'd share a different aspect of this milestone.

At our house we've turned these days into a celebration of sorts. We're not celebrating diabetes, still not a fan of it, but it is definitely worth taking the time to celebrating living with it. Especially with the first year being the most overwhelming. So on their diaversary, our girls get to plan their day.

Kayleigh had very specific plans for her day.  It couldn't get here fast enough.

Phase 1

FurReal Friends Cuddles the Monkey. Now named Daisy.

It's creepy, overpriced, and annoying. 'Nuf said.  Did I mention creepy? It eyeballs you.

Phase 2

Dinner at Chuck E. Cheese. Not my favorite place. Plus giving insulin for pizza can be tricky. But I'm not even going to try to explain that. lol

Phase 3

Ice cream chaser from Friendlys. She had to have a monster sundae. That's 51 carbs people. Not to mention that you are what you eat and she's definitely at leas part monster. lol

Phase 4

A bath in mommy and daddy's tub. This was my least favorite activity because cleaning out that huge tub afterward is backbreaking work. I tricked Kevin into giving her the bath so I thought I'd get out of cleaning it. Wrong. He got heavy handed with the bubbles and had an "incident." Bubbles everywhere.  He cleaned up the bubbles and I wound up cleaning out the tub afterward.  Meh.

While she enjoyed her special activities, it was somewhat of a rough day diabetes-wise. A lot of lows for her that day. Even after the pizza.  The thing with lows is, besides being dangerous and making you feel bad, it requires a bit of sitting still while you wait for your blood sugar to go back up.

That's the thing with type 1 diabetes.  It doesn't give you a break. Day or night. Special day or average day. It's right there, throwing you a curve ball. Or twenty.  Every year that someone lives with it is worth a celebration in my book. Even if it involves a creepy monkey eyeballing you. Shudder.


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