Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

I have two daughters. Including myself, that's a lot of hair. Both of my lovelies are girly-girls and like to have "their hair did." Both are picky. Each child has their own different set of hair issues. Mackenzie has thick, curly, hard-to-control hair. She's 12 so I've had more practice with her hair. Kayleigh has thin, baby fine hair. I tend to struggle more with her hair. My hair is in-between, long, wavy, and fine. No matter how you slice it, I'm drowning in hair.

So it was a wonderful surprise when my bloggy-friend Jennifer, from A Glimpse of Our Life, contacted me about reviewing a flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

About Lilla Rose

The Lilla Rose company offers unique and beautiful jewelry for your hair. Started in a garage by founder John Dorsey, Lilla Rose offers a beautiful and well made product line. With Flexi Clips, Hair Sticks, Orings, Hair Bands,  You Pins,  Bobby Pins and even Badge Holders, there is something for everyone.

Our Experience

The most difficult part of the experience was choosing which item we wanted to review. Everything is absolutely adorable!  I had decided to use Kayleigh's baby fine hair for the review and she picked something pink and girly, The Crown of Hearts.

The next step is to pick the correct size. VERY IMPORTANT!!  The best way to do this is to watch the sizing video. For Kayleigh I went with an extra-small flexi clip since I knew I wanted to be able to do pony tails and up-dos with it.

Now comes the fun part...using it. It takes a minute to get used to working with it but watching the styling videos on the website really helps. We did quite a few styles on Kayleigh's hair and she looked adorable in all of them. And it kept her baby fine hair right where I wanted it. She said she felt like a princess with jewels in her hair.

The "Princess" Ponytail

Half-tails Up


Half-Up With a Twist
We really love this clip and a few people are going to see some of these, and a few other products, when Christmas rolls around. I will definitely be doing some Christmas shopping at Lilla Rose.


Website:  http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair

Pricing: $13-$20 depending on style (larger sizes will have different pricing as well)

Other Links of Interest:

     *Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LillaRosePrettyHair
     *Jennifer's Pinterest Board with lots of great ideas for using these clips:  http://pinterest.com/mommiejennm/pretty-hair/

Interested in becoming a consultant?  https://www.facebook.com/LillaRosePrettyHair


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