Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Zoo Whiz

We were recently given an opportunity to review an online learning program called Zoo Whiz. It's learning and fun all-in-one.

About Zoo Whiz

Zoo Whiz is curriculum-based motivational learning. With levels for kids 5-15, it covers math, reading, word skills, punctuation, and grammar.

It motivates kids by making them zoo keepers. As they complete the learning activities they earn coins to buy animals for their zoo or play fun games in the arcade.

Our Experience

We were blessed with a Premium Subscription to Zoo Whiz and I was able to make my account for both of my daughters, ages 11 and 4.5. I'll start off by saying that they both LOVE it. Even my little one, who isn't very interested in the computer in general.

Each child starts off with 5000 coins when they make their account. They then earn more coins by completing the learning activities and they get 100 additional coins every time they log in.

To complete the learning activities the child needs to be able to read to answer the questions. There is no audio other than an encouraging word or two after giving the correct answer. For my youngest, I had to read the question to hear. She didn't mind at all and it gave us some nice bonding time.

While this program did not teach any concepts, I found it to be a great way to supplement my children's learning.  Since the program was created in Australia some of the questions the accents or different spellings can make some of the questions a little confusing. Although my older daughter and I, having had the opportunity to visit Australia, enjoyed hearing the accents and reliving some of our favorite vacation memories.

After completing the learning activities, they can spend their money playing games in the arcade or purchasing animals for the zoo. The more animals that they buy, the higher their zoo level. This really motivated my oldest daughter. She loved watching her zoo level go up.

What I loved was that even purchasing the animals was educational. With each animal purchased you would learn about their habitat, diet, interesting facts, and whether or not it is endangered. Even my four year old liked it when I read the information to her. So even though science isn't an subject area that the program claims to provide, it really is in there.

Another feature that I liked was that I was able to set the level for each child. I was able to control the level of the learning activities so they wouldn't be too challenging or too easy. I wish I had that ability in all of my children's online gaming.

It's easy to check their progress by checking their milestones under their account. And even better, you will soon be able to check your child's progress from your parent account. That premium future is currently in the works.

Both my girls have a lot of fun playing on Zoo Whiz  and I feel good knowing that they are reviewing important skills.



Age Range: 5-15

Price: Great news! They are currently running a fabulous promotion!  Premium subscriptions are currently $14.95. That is an awesome deal.  That is 75% off the normal cost.

Disclaimer: I received the premium subscription for review purposes. All opinions are my own or those of my family.


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