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Review: Beeyoutiful Skin Care

If there's one thing that is tough for moms, it's taking time for themselves. I've found it to be even more difficult as a homeschooling mom, since the kidlets are with you 24/7. I'm lucky to get five minutes in the shower before the interruptions begin. And forget "fixing my face," it's only the kids who get to admire it anyway. (How lucky are they?)

So while us busy moms might not have the time to run the full beauty regime, we should take the time to take some basic care of the bodies that God gave us. So when the opportunity arose for me to try out the some of the skin care products from Beeyoutiful, I was excited.

About Beeyoutiful Skin Care

From the Website:

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, but we can often be so careless in the way we treat it. These products are designed to only help you protect and improve the health of your skin, but to do it without the addition of harsh and harmful chemicals and doubtful ingredients that can enter the body through the skin.

Beeyoutiful skin products contain NO Parabens, Formaldehyde, Petroleum derived ingredients or SLS Detergents. They are all manufactured in the USA using pure, all natural ingredients. No testing done on animals. All testing personally done by Beeyoutiful Staff and family.

Our Experience

We received the Beeyoutiful Skin Care Set which included the Laveshmint HydratingToner, Laveshmint Moisturizing Lotion, Hair Shine, and Vanilla Dream Body Butter. And these goodies do a lot more than the name implies.

Since my daughter Mackenzie is just hitting the fun tween/teen years, and all the wonderful skin changes that goes along with it, I decided to have her try out the Laveshmint Toner. She hasn't had a real big problem with acne so far, but their have been some changes with her skin over the last year. She's only had the occasional pimple appear but her skin has been producing a little more oil and not been as smooth. She's been using the toner every day and I've noticed that her skin is less oily and a bit smoother.  And since she's been using it not one stray pimple has appeared!!!

And that's not all the toner does. It's also good for sunburns and cleansing wounds. Cleansing wounds? That's the beauty of all natural ingredients. We haven't had a chance to try it out on sunburns but we are excited too. If it had arrived one week earlier we would've been able to give that a go. But I'm sure we'll have a chance to try it in the future seeing as we live in a beach town.

I also let Mackenzie test the Vanilla Dream Body Butter. The first thing I'd like to say about it is, yum!!! It smells so good that I was tempted to eat it with a spoon. I refrained, however. lol Mackenzie had recently started getting some really dry skin on her elbows and since this product claims to have "healing oils...that soak into dry, chafed skin for long lasting relief" I thought this would be perfect for her. Her elbows started clearing up right away. I'd imagine that they'd be totally cleared up by now if we hadn't gotten distracted by some health issues.

I'm really excited to use this with her this winter. Every winter, the tops of her hands get extremely dry and scaly. We've yet to find anything that gives her relief. We are definitely going to be using this product to help us fight that battle. It's also nice to use on your legs after shaving. I know my skin gets really dry after shaving and the body butter really helped with that.

Next up is my favorite product, the Laveshmint Moisturizing Lotion. It has a yummy peppermint smell that makes you feel better by just sniffing it. It's meant to sooth and refresh your face and neck and refresh it does. You can feel it start tingling, in a good way, as soon as you put it on. So nice.

But that's not why I really like it. The company website suggested using it on tired feet. So I did. Oh me, oh my!!! That is the best idea ever!!!  My feet feel so wonderful after rubbing this stuff on them. Even after a long day of trudging around Busch Gardens. And I'll have you know that Busch Gardens is almost entirely uphill. You're always walking up and rarely get to go back down. Strange but true. lol So you can rest assured that your feet are exhausted when you leave the park and they could really use some pampering. This moisturizer is a real treat for your feet. =o)

Last up is the Hair Shine Spray-in Conditioner. This was probably our least favorite because the scent in very strong. So strong that I'm the only one who was willing to use it more than once. lol As a detangler, it did a great job on my long wavy hair. It did a fair job on my daughter's long and extremely curly hair. It didn't really control the frizz well enough on either of our manes. We wouldn't be able to use it for stand alone frizz control on our wild locks. I'm think that if you used this product on your hair for a length of time, then you'd see better results with the frizz control. Unfortunately, we really couldn't handle the strong fragrance of this one. Especially so close to our sniffers.

The neat thing about this product, for me, is it's other uses. You can use it on your face as a toner/astringent and for bug bites. Yep, bug bites. From mosquitos to ticks. A quick spritz of this on an insect bite lessens the itch and it's supposed to help prevent infection and scarring. I can't speak about how it works as far as infection goes but I will say it helped my itchy mosquito bites stop itching. And it's been a year for mosquitos around here. And, while reading customer reviews, I saw that one mom used it on her baby's cradle cap and got instant results. It's also supposed to be good for sunburns.  Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to some one that I know getting a sunburn so I can try these products on it? =o)

All in all, I'd say that the Beeyoutiful products live up to what is promised, and then some. I was also pleased that they are really good for sensitive skin. This is very important to me as I have very, very, very sensitive skin. I never know when I'll have a reaction to something. It happens to me all the time. But these products were very gentile on my skin. I didn't get any weird rashes. Woot!

If you are looking for health or beauty products that don't contain any weird stuff that you can't pronounce, then I'd suggest checking out what Beeyoutiful has to offer. The carry wellness products, skin care, make up and more. There is a lot to choose from and some of my Crewmates tested some of their other products so be sure to read the other reviews.



Age Range: all ages

Prices: Laveshmint Toner $14.00/  Vanilla Dream Body Butter $15.00/ Laveshmint Moisturizing Lotion $12.00/ Hair Shine $15.00

Disclaimer: I received these products for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own or that of my family.

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KGB That's Me said...

Looks like your opinions closely matched my own on these products! I really wish they'd left out the orange oil and rosemary oil in the hair shine. I couldn't stand the scent, either...just not something I wanted on my hair. Smelled like it belonged in the kitchen, like a cleaner or something you might be cooking! If they'd left it at lavender oil only, I think it would have been much better.


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