Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G is for... G-Force!!!!

As my husband likes to call them. I refer to them as The Girls. Normal people call them Guinea Pigs or cavies. I don't understand the cavies reference and it doesn't start with G, so out with cavies.

You might recall that we wound up with our own pair of G-Force rodents back in February. My four year old played her hand really well that February day. Well played wee child, well played.

Life with the Girls, Cherry and Luna, has been exactly how I figured it would be. They were all excited the at first and then the work set it and the illusion wore off. Fast. Cleaning the cage, feeding, water, fresh treats, mountains of timothy hay, pooping on the floor.

Generally I have to force Mackenzie to take care of them. It often results in attitude or tears. Although she promised she would take care of them in order to get them but once the work began... no more interest.

Kayleigh lasted a bit longer in her interest in the piggies. Up until a couple of months ago, she would ask to play with them every day. Lately not so much.

Next thing you know, like with every animal we've ever owned, I'm the only one giving them attention. And I don't even like animals as pets. But I do feel bad for them, so I'm the one giving them human interaction. (Mackenzie still had to clean their cage. Ha!!) I got to so fed up that I put them on Craigs List. Sadly for me, no takers. If you're local and want some guinea pigs... call me. You can have them.

Recently we moved and the Girls are no longer living in Mackenzie's room. They are now living in our new school room. Since we spend a large amount of time in there, the piggies are getting more attention.

They help with the girls studies...


They've also been taking advantage of their cage-free time by polishing up their G-Force skills and enjoying some leisure activities.

And if you haven't seen G-Force, the movie. Do it! It's hilarious. And seriously, if you're in the market for some guineas... text me.



Our Side of the Mountain said...

We have G-force coming from Netflix! Should be here by Friday! :) And no, no piggies! I think we have enough animals roaming around here! LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay they are seriously cute!! I think our dog would eat one :-P

Leslie said...

First off, you school room is awesome! My son wanted guinea pigs for ever....then we babysat one for a couple of weeks and he hasn't mentioned it since. He now wants a pot bellied pig...I need to find one of those to babysit next ;)


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