Friday, October 5, 2012

E is for... Everything In It's Place

What you are looking at is our I affectionately call our "Diabetes Cupboard." When monitoring ones need for insulin it is very important to be organized with the supplies. And there are a lot of supplies for required for a diabetic so it's important to keep everything in it's place.

Top Shelf l-r:

1) The mack-daddy of all food scales. This bad boy not only weighs your food, it also gives you important nutrient information. Such as carbs. A real bonus for those with diabetes.

2) Our "Grab & Go" bag. In it are various supplies that a diabetic needs to have with them at all times. If we leave the house that bag goes with us. What's in it? Snacks. Emergency juice boxes and cake gel. Seriously. They're for emergency lows. Test kit with monitor, test strips, alcohol wipes, "pricker", needles, insulin pen, and the Calorie King book for counting carbs on the fly.

3) Our log sheets in a great big binder. I already had the binder so I used it. We log her blood sugar levels, carbs eaten, insulin given. Writing it all down helps us figure out patterns so the doctors can adjust her care.

Bottom Shelf l-r:

1) Test Kit (the small black pouch) which contains the meter and all that other stuff I mentioned in #2.

2) Our drawer with weekly supplies. Drawer 1: Glucagon needle, or as we affectionately call it "The Red Pen of Death." It's large and scary looking and comes in a red box. Insulin pens, 2 kinds, test stripes. Drawer 2: needles for insulin pens and lancets for the "prickers." Drawer 3: Alcohol wipes and gauze pads for good hygiene.

3) Sharps container because nobody should have to be pricked by someone else's needles. Especially not the sanitation workers whose service I greatly appreciate.

4) Drugs. They're not Mackenzie's. They're ours. Our parents horrible genes are finally starting to kick in this year. Both sides of our poor children's gene pool is not exactly stellar. The poor dears.

And as a side note...

E is also for exhausted!!! We moved this week. Let the unpacking begin. So far the only things that are in place are those diabetes supplies. =o)



Our Side of the Mountain said...

My Dad also have a cupboard like this with all his Diabetic supplies. Very important! You're definitely organized and on top of things! But you're probably going to keep a vacation to sleep soon! ::wink::

Cristi said...

Good luck with the unpacking. We're moving this week, and I have a feeling that in a few days the only things that will be in their new places will be my diabetic supplies and my daughter's transplant medicines.

Kym Thorpe said...

It's incredible for those of us who do not have a diabetic in our family the far-reaching effects.... wow.

Hope the move-in is going well and that you'll get a chance to rest and relax soon!


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