Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 25 months
Tot School

Hello fellow Tot Schoolers! Hope you had a great week!

There wasn't much Tot Schooling going on here this week. Warm weather and lots of errands put a crimp in our plans. We did get to go to baby gym, our first track meet, our last basketball/cheer game of the season, and a playdate at the park. (Sorry, no pics of the first and the last.)

So let's talk about rice first. Let's talk about how I've finally come to my senses and I'm not getting that out again for a long, long, long time.

I hid the animals from Brown Bear, Brown Bear in the rice for her to find as I read the story. She really like matching the head/tail puzzles last week with the book last week. Not this week.

You can see the end result in the second picture. That is always the end result. I even put it on a huge beach towel one day, thinking when she "spilled" rice outside the container, I could just dump it all into the box when she was through.

First of all, she never actually spills a grain. She does grab handfuls and drop them outside the bin. When there is a towel under the bin, she will crawl over to the edge and then drop the rice on the floor. Which leads to the second problem,the annoying wood floor. When the rice hits the ground it bounces and rolls ALL OVER the lower level of the house. This is one of ten thousand reasons why my husband and I hate wood floors in any place that's not the dining room, kitchen or foyer. But that's a whole 'nother post. LOL

We made a "color" game out the holes in the side of her new ball pit. I call out a color and she puts a new ball in the hole. Sometimes I'd tell her what color, other times she'd tell me. Then I'd pop them out into the pit and she'd giggle.

She made three half-hearted attempts at playing her "B" matching game. At least she got all three right. LOL

She had an impromptu "jam" session with her xylophone. You can't really tell, but she's playing it with a screw driver instead of the mallet. I have no answers to that or as to why she's sitting on the desk. Only questions. LOL

This weekend was her last weekend as a Basketball Buddie through our homeschool week. I love watching her at BB. Her performance there is one of the things I love most about her.

The tot's "play" for 30 minutes. 10 minutes of shooting, 10 minutes of "passing" (rolling), and 10 minutes of racing.

Here's how Kayleigh has adjusted the schedule.

She shoots. 2, maybe 3 times.

Finds a comfy spot on the bleachers and parks herself there with a snack from home and SISSY's water bottle. Her own is never good enough. (I know these are really blurry. I was taking some test shots of an actual game and I didn't feel like resetting my camera for still shots. Plus I'm really bad with action shots to start with. LOL)

She stays like that throughout the remainder of the shooting and the entire "passing" period. She hasn't "passed" since the first time.

Occasionally, she'll pop back in for a quick sprint during race time. Maybe for 1 or 2 races. She opted not to this time.

Then "game" ends and it's time for snack. And here trots Kayleigh, who'll sit nicely in the circle with the other tots. Just like she'd been there the whole time. LOL I wish I'd snagged a picture of that. She's not one to miss a snack.

She also went to her first track meet. She ran big sis ragged while I tried to take pictures of my friend's daughter. LOL

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Lisa said...

What a fun week!

sbswtp said...

She's so cute with the xylophone! I love it :) Im sorry about the rice...I had the same thing keep happening with our that doesnt come out anymore either...

Rebecca said...

Aww, b-ball buddies sounds so cute! I love all the things homeschool groups now have to offer. And yeah, rice tables can get so messya t this age! I want to try bigger elelments instead- like those large clear glass s'tones' that can go in aquariums or decorative jars (not the tiny ones). Ive seen them at the dollar store!!

Jolly Green Mommy said...

The basketball buddies looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like that for my little one. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if she did the same things yours did. Also, I completely agree with the rice. I can't bring myself to take it out at all.

melaniet42 said...

We had a light week with the awesome weather this week too. I love the "color game" you came up with - very fun! We've done rice before, but I do it on carpet (easier to vacuum) and set it up on a full sized old, vinyl Christmas tablecloth. This way, we end up getting MOST of the rice back in the bin at least!

Crunchy and Green said...

What a fun week. I always save the rice for a nice day and just do it outside on the deck. Then, I can just sweep the mess away!

Susan said...

We have the same fleece coat from Gymboree. I have many pictures of Sophie looking the same way...granola bar included =) We did alot of outside play this week too. It was too nice not to!

Dawn said...

Rice. In our house, rice is now for eating only. That's all I can say about rice. ;)

I like your creative colored ball game - she can get out a little energy & practice colors at the same time!

Basketball buddies sounds fun. What a neat thing...even if she's not playing much basketball ;)


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