Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We Stay Home... Mostly

We didn't do much outside of the house this week, just our weekly co-op for music and art. How nice it is for home schoolers to stay home. That's rare. And I love it. Being a full time pancreas for 2 extra people on top of homeschooling and running a house is exhausting.


Mackenzie was wrapping up India and moving onto the Arab countries. She was excited because she currently has 2 readers scheduled. The more reading the better. Even with two on the schedule, she still wants to read extra. Good news for her, we have a review item coming up that will require her to add yet another book to her reading list. Lucky girl!

She read the Tale of Aladdin this week and she got annoyed because it wasn't like the movie. lol A lot like Pocahontas, huh Mackenzie?

In other news, we have 6 more weeks left of our core. Woo-hoo!!! If only the same could be said for math and grammar. We're pretty close to being done with science though.

She's happily moved on from the metric system for now and is back to her preferred decimals. Multiplying to be specific.

We are currently studying mollusks in science. I had no idea that a squids or octopus were mollusks. I don't know why, but that blew my mind. lol Maybe it's the sleep deprivation?? I was also fascinated to learn that the holes in all those clam shells we've found at the beach over the years were mostly likely drilled by whelks looking for dinner. They don't look that tough.

Rumor has it that her piano teacher will be choosing recital pieces soon. Mackenzie is very excited!!

Mackenzie has also been researching insulin pumps because she is looking to feel more normal. Having to inject insulin in front of the world isn't any more fun then having to inject insulin at all.  She has narrowed it down to two and is waffling back and forth between the them. Hopefully, she'll make her choice soon so we can get the ball rolling.


Kayleigh is Kayleigh. She likes what she likes and doesn't like everything else. This week she liked practicing her sight words with nerf gun, painting her letter craft, and using her Handwriting Without Tears manipulatives. She didn't like coloring her sight words, she did a good job of it.

She also enjoyed having her "finger prints" taken after reading about policemen in The Things People Do.  She really, really liked making a puffy painting of a snowman (equal parts glue and shaving cream) after reading a snowman poem in Language Lessons for Little Ones.

She is still a reluctant little cheerleader. And it appears she might be a reluctant little swim student because she's going to be getting some lessons soon and, despite the fact she loves the water, she is gripping about having to take the lessons. Sigh. She is exhausting.

How did your week go?


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Unknown said...

Is that jammies I see? Jammy School is the best!

Elizabeth said...

My 20 year old son has T1D since he was 10 and has had a pump since he was 12. It sure makes it easier. Kayleigh sounds alot like my now 14 year old daughter when she was her age. Stubborn! But she mostly grew out of it by the time she was 7.

Nicole said...

I always love reading about your weeks, Stefanie! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Where are you all going in Florida?

MommytheTeacher said...

Your girls are cuties!! Sounds like a very productive week. I love those.


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