Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Day, March 2013

The first day of March started like every other day, with our first, of MANY, blood glucose check of the day. Once the numbers are known we spend a few minutes entering them, and the numbers from the previous night, into our log book.

Next up, breakfast. We have to figure out all of the carbs for everything they eat, so it takes a little longer. Then I figure out how much insulin they need to cover their food. While I make breakfast, Mackenzie gives herself her insulin. Kayleigh gets hers after because she doesn't always eat everything so we don't want her to drop low because of the insulin. Kayleigh was bored today so she "made her own breakfast." Apple and potato soup with a hint of lime.

Finally, they get to eat and Kayleigh gets her shot.

Time for school!!! Kayleigh got a pass on school today because we were going out to lunch and on a field trip with our friends in the afternoon. So Mackenzie and I just worked on her stuff.

Next on the list, and not pictured, naughty children bickering, fighting and generally being unkind and disagreeable. It's starting to become a common occurrence around here so I decided to do something drastic to get my point across. So I cancelled our afternoon outing so they could practice getting along with each other.

So we repeated our blood glucose check and moved onto lunch and insulin at home.

I think they might be starting to get it because they got along wonderfully for most of the afternoon.

While they played, I cleaned since we were having some friends over for pizza and games this evening. My favorite cleaning chore...

Vacuuming with my beloved Kirby. If I would've had time, I'd have fluffed the carpet too. But I also had to do my second to least favorite chore...

 The worst part is that the cage only stays clean if you keep the piggies out of it. Filthy piggies!!!

Then the girls were grumbling for snacks.  Time for yet another blood glucose check. They girls opted to have zero carb hard boiled eggs for a snack so that they could avoid having to face another needle. How sad is it that they have to eat to live, and they have to get a shot to eat so the food doesn't hurt them?

Our emergency glucagon expired today so I gathered up all of the expired ones and put out new ones in  places that we might need them in case of an emergency. The emergency being that their blood sugar drops so low that they pass out or have seizures. It's the scariest part of diabetes in my opinion. And the giant needle is freaking scary too.

Finally is was time for fun with our friends. We ate pizza, the kids did whatever kids do, and the grown-ups played a couple of games. The pizza, of course, involved a few more shots. Our little buddy Connor has type 1 diabetes too. Good times!!

If you're not queasy about needles, you should join us next time!!!


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The Nyquists said...

My husband has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was a freshmen in college. (Suddenly onset) so I'm not squeamish about needles. They are part of our everyday here too.
I liked looking at your first day :) thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

Isn't it tough to cancel things?! I've had to do that too and it stinks. BUT I think it does help show that getting along is important!

Thanks for linking up!

Kym Thorpe said...

You're such a mean mommy to take pictures of the girls in tears! J/K - it made ME laugh. Because I would do the exact same thing if I could get away with it. LOL

I am queasy about needles - but I still wanna come visit you!

Julie said...

No problem with needles here since I am a nurse. :) I'll be over for the next pizza party - okay, I wish I could be.

Great first day pics. I always remember a couple of days after the 1st. :(

Melanie Schemanski said...

Wow, what a Mom!! So much to deal with, 3 kids with diabetes? do you and DH have it as well. Thanks for giving us a peak into your world.

Stefanie said...

Thankfully, only two of them are mine but I've heard of families with 3 or more.

Michele said...

Those are two tough little girls you are raising! Tell them I said they are amazing...when they are not fighting, of course! ;)

Holly Oshesky said...

You all are truly an inspiration. We deal with needles too, but thankfully only once a day. Thanks for peek into your day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I'm so new at being a mom of a type 1 child that I didn't even know glucagon expires. So much to learn. Blessings to your family!

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing...where did you get the chart you use to track injections sites?

Homeschooling6 said...

Aaack! I forgot about First Day again. Ugh. So glad you didn't because I enjoyed your post. You are a wonderful mom and are doing great with your girls.



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