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Review: Lone Star Learning


The English language can often be confusing because, well, because it's such a mix of other languages. French, German, Dutch, Greek, Latin. The English language has "borrowed" from them all. A vocabulary test or a science lesson can be confusing for a student.

Enter Lone Star Learning's awesome Get the Picture Vocabulary Cards. We were able to review their Greek and Latin Root cards and they were a wonderful addition to quite a few of our studies. We study Latin and we use a Greek word roots vocabulary study so we were sure to get a lot of use out of these cards.

Greek and Latin Roots

PhotobucketIn a nutshell, these cards take common roots and illustrate them to look like their meaning. Simple, yet powerful. Especially for your visual student.

We received Set 1 there are 60 cards in the set, 30 Greek roots and 30 Latin roots. The cards themselves are printed on heavy card stock with beautiful, full-color illustrations. And they are wonderfully sized at 5.5" x  8.5". They were made in the grand old USA (woot!) and they were made to last. I will definitely be able to use these again with my little one when the time comes.

The easiest way for us to use the cards was just review them often like regular flashcards. The first time we used them we had a blast "figuring them out."   We also would take two cards and put them together to make another word, like "tele + scop." It was really interesting to see how many words we knew that were made with these roots.

Mackenzie would also refer to the cards when working on several of her school subjects. They came in handy for her vocabulary study, Latin, science, and even some of our read alouds. Vocabulary knows no bounds.

The company suggests many fun ways that you can use these cards. You could play a game of concentration, go on a vocabulary walk, make an interactive word wall, write a song or rap, and lots more. Many of the activities would be great to use in a co-op setting with a group of children.

I definitely found these cards to be a useful, and fun, addition to our home school. Mackenzie loves them and they're helping her retain things that she's studied before and then forgotten. She'll never forgot what a decapod is again. :o) And while marketed for a younger age group, who wouldn't rather use these cards for SAT prep instead of those boring test prep booklets?

These cards aren't limited to just Greek and Latin studies either. They have sets for math, science, and other areas of language arts. If you'd like to see some of the other products offered by Lone Star,  be sure to to click the read more button below and check out what my Crew Mates reviewed.


Age Range: 3rd-8th
Price: $39.99


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