Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Schoolhouse Teacher


I'm guessing that, as homeschoolers, you've probably heard of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. If you've ever read it then you know that it's just jam-packed with fabulous articles, reviews, and encouragement for homeschoolers.

What you might not know is that The Old Schoolhouse also has a fabulous on-line resource for homeschoolers called Schoolhouse


Schoolhouse Teachers is the premier home education membership site for families worldwide. Schoolhouse Teachers was created with the vision to provide quality homeschool materials from the best teachers in many subject areas. we offer daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans and activity ideas. The site has daily lessons on many subjects to assist you with your daily homeschool. Some of our teachers will provide weekly or monthly activities that you can use at your convenience with your own lesson plans. You will also receive daily historical information, daily menu ideas, and tons more.

Spend time with the biggest names in online and home education: Kim Kautzer (writing), Diana Waring (history), Terri Johnson (geography), Adam Andrews (literature), the Hands of a Child team (lapbooking), Malia Russell (home economics), George Escobar (filmmaking)--and many more. 

Your membership also includes:

    1. 2012-2013 versions of the TOS Schoolhouse Planners - All of them! That's a $125 value.
    2. 12 E-books from the TOS E-book Homeschool Library - one per month during your first
        12 months of membership.
    3. A mixed selection of TOS Thematic Units, WannaBes, Curiosity Files, and WeE-books - 12 to
        14 each month, over the course of a year, for a total of 152 educational resources.
    4. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, monthly, delivered straight to your inbox
    5. All The Old Schoolhouse Magazine digital back issues ever produced
    6. All past TOS webinar Expo-to-Go recoreded sessions - and all the future recordings during the  
        length of your membership. (A $60 value)

This is an amazing resource for every homeschooler.

Our Experience

I could spend the next six months exploring this site and still not discover everything that it has to offer. There are daily, weekly, and monthly lessons in every subject that you can imagine and a few that you might not have thought of: Chemistry, home ec, famous people, art easel, Everything Explorers, Summer Shakespeare, Pre-K activities, and on and on and on.

Clearly a six week review period did not give me time to go in-depth in every area so I decided to focused on one area.

First up were the Pre-K Activities: Read and Play. These activities for the small fry are based around wonderful picture books. Each book has two weeks of activities to do with your child. The activities were varied and easy to do. Some were crafts, others involved animal videos on youtube, sometimes it was making a snack. Kayleigh loved the books and had a lot of fun with the activities. The Giraffes Can't Dance activities were her favorite.

As long as I've got your attention, I think I'll mention something else that I really liked, the home ec lessons. Yes there are home ec lessons and I thought they were pretty neat.

Each area of the home has a months worth of lessons dedicated to it. Each day of the week has a specific focus: Money Saving Monday, Tidy Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, Think About it Thursday, and Feed Me Friday. The activities for each day focus on that particular type of activity.

Each lesson as an informational reading for the student. They a short and very informative. They often contain vocabulary specific to the topic.

Once the readings are completed, there are activities for the student to complete. It could be anything from a chore, cooking, dealing with money. And each activity has specific suggestions for various age groups. There is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced option for each activity. It so neat and very easy to do. I plan on incorporating this into our school year for sure. And I'm not going to lie, the thought of one of her school assignments being to clean the stove gives me a thrill.  =o)

There is so much more to this site that I don't have time to get to. It is simply a fabulous resource. If you're interested be sure to read some more of my Crew Mates reviews because I'm sure that there will be many other areas covered by different people.



Age Range: All ages!

Cost: $1 for the first month $5.95/month after the first month


Disclaimer: I received a free subscription to this website for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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