Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Room Monday #3 ~ Mudpies to Magnets

If you haven't heard yet, I have a lot of homeschooling stuff. Tons. I buy more each year and I get quite a bit from the Homeschool Review Crew. I don't, however, buy more bookshelves each year. You can see the dilemma, right?

Since I need more room for new books, I have decided to spend the rest of the summer giving away some of the stuff that we're not using anymore. You read it right, I am offering free homeschooling curriculum. Everything I offer will be in Excellent to Like New condition.

This week I'm going offering up something for your little ones, Mackenzie insisted that I do. We can't leave the littles out. So next up is a chance to win Mudpies to Magnets: A Complete Preschool Science Curriculum.  

I've had this lying around since my oldest was smaller and I've never used it. Not even once. Shameful, right? It's just that the thought of finding all of the supplies hindered me from ever doing any of the 112 learning activities packed inside of this book. Plus, it has the word mud in the title. That should have been a clue since I normally don't do mud.

At any rate, this book is in like new condition. The pages aren't even creased.

The Details

Here are the deets from the back cover:

Children are naturally curious. They explore, touch, feel, listen and want to learn. Here are 112 read-to-use science experiments. Each one provides direct, hands-on learning activities which young children can experience themselves.

The fascinating experiments are grouped under these curriculum units:

*On Your Own: Science Center Activities
*Building With Science: Construction and Measurement
*Science For a Crowd: Circle Time Activities
*Paints and Prints: Scientific Art
*Wet and Messy: Science For a Special Place
*Science to Grow On: Health and Nutrition
*Learning About Nature: Outdoor Science
*Acting Out Science in a Big Way: Creativity and Movement

Each experiment includes a clear explanation of what happens, a list of words to use for language development, a list of things you will need, a description of what to do, and suggestions of additional ways to extend the  the activity.

It sounds fabulous, right? Look at what my poor children missed out on. Curse my laziness and my need to have all experiment supplies mailed to me in one handy box. Don't let your children suffer like mine have!!!

Enter to Win

If it sounds like something you'd like to win, enter below using the handy-dandy Rafflecopter Widget. The contest is opening today and will be open through July 29, 2012. The item will ship via Media mail and I can only ship to the Continental United States.  Good luck!

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Jacquelin said...

This book has been on my wishlist for a few years now. I have never gotten around to purchasing as something else always takes precedence. I would love to win this and use it with my 3 & 5 year old daughters. Thanks for the chance to win!

LaDonna said...

I have been wanting to buy this one!

Tiffany DeOs said...

Mud avoider for sure!!

Anonymous said...

I am a little of both. If everyone is wearing play clothes and not on the way some where.. sure why not.. otherwise don't even look at it you might end up dirty ;-)

Brittney said...

I have two boys...there's no avoiding mud! I just make sure they know the difference between play clothes and nice clothes!

Jennifer Kochert said...

I would love to give it a go if we win it :)

Jessica said...

I want to avoid mud... I just can't.

jeffreymwhite1 said...

I am a mud avoider, but my sensory princess loooves squishy. Thanks for your generous giveaways.

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Mud avoider 100% but I do try to let my kids play in the mud anyway. Its so fun and good for them! :)

Lindas said...

Mud lover!!!


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