Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tot School

Kayleigh is 37 months old
Tot School

Tot School has been getting interesting around here.  Kayleigh has been asking to do it more often.  She doesn't always want to do what I had in mind but she's been wanting to do something almost everyday. I never thought that day would come. LOL

This week we started using her new Sonlight Little Learners books.  She was very excited to use her school books like her sissy.

We also finished up our M "unit."  Although we still didn't get around to finishing our L, or now M, page for our ABC book.  LOL  Here's what we did do...

Kumon Let's Color Book.  She actually followed the directions.

M&M Coloring from COAH

She wanted to play with her Grasshopper  Prep Kit

She had one last whirl with our ABC sensory bin

I made her a Do-A-Dot M&M book.
She just loved it
Click the picture to download it for your tot
You'll need these two sets of do-a-dot markers

I put out a small spaces tray using a sugar shaker and spaghetti

Out came the Grasshopper Prep Kit again.  This time we made pea soup by rolling the play foam into balls.  Great for little fingers.
Then we "cooked" it.  The container looks like a pot and the lid like a stove burner.
The dough with this kit is sooo much nicer than play dough. I wish I knew the name so I could get more. She doesn't really like regular play dough.

She got this Melissa and Doug bead sequencing set for Christmas.   She willingly used one of the cards.

But the rest of the time she wanted to make her own creations.

Monkey Shape puzzles from COAH
Kayleigh had fun acting like a monkey when she was finished
Do-A-Dot Mm page from COAH.  Hers did not look like an M when she was finished. LOL
Guess what this is from?  Our Grasshopper Prep Kit, of course.
This activity is kind of like colorforms.  Peeling off those
stickers is a great activity for little fingers.

Working those fingers by feeding Mr. Crunch
The kit also come with crayons and coloring pages.  The crayons are small to
encourage proper grip.

Here are some of her highlights from our first trip to Busch Gardens this season.

Little Clydesdales
Her very first coaster, Grover's Alpine Express
Tea Cups with the Big Kids
She can find trouble wherever she goes. LOL

Oh, oh, oh!  I totally forgot that Kayleigh drew her first recognizable pictures this week.  I saw another tot's wonderful art on another blog and it reminded me.  This our from my camera, so the quality is junk, but you get the idea because I'm too lazy to get out the good ones on my real camera. LOL



And that was our week.  Be sure to click the Tot School button at the top of the page to see what fun the othere tot's are having.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Is she right or left-handed? LOL She uses BOTH!


Ambra said...

I'm glad I reminded you to post her drawings! :) I have had my eye on the Grasshopper sets for a while and you have made me want them! Looks like tons of fun activities. I also now want that M&D bead sorter/pattern toy! Sigh. So many toys....


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