Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: The Curiosity Files-The Puffer Fish

I was given the opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse’s science unit study, The Curiosity Files-The Puffer Fish.   


About The Curiosity Files

The Curiosity Files are science unit studies for ages 8-13.  They come in an e-book format for $6.95 each.  Each unit study contains activities for Bible study, math, history, geography, language arts, science, arts & crafts, experiments,   lap booking, and much more. 

Our Experience

My daughter and I both enjoyed reading the articles and learned a lot that we didn’t know about the puffer fish.  In fact, it was so interesting my daughter read it twice.

Mackenzie was easily able to recall the information need to complete the “Let’s See What You Learned” activity.

For math practice we chose the “Exchange Rate” activity.  I thought it was a great way to show the real world value of knowing your math skills.  Since we’d actually been to Japan, we actually had some “spare change” from Japan lying around, along with some from a few other countries that my husband has traveled to.  I guess that’s one of the perks of being a former military family.  LOL

Mackenzie loves to draw so she was thrilled to see a step-by-step lesson on how to draw a puffer fish. 


There were also a couple of activities that you could do with your under 8 crew.  Unfortunately, my tot is persnickety and wasn’t will to test the unit with us.  No surprises there!

We also recently had an opportunity to observe a live puffer fish.  Our dentist has a huge salt water tank and he has a dog-faced puffer fish that we like to call “Smiley.”  He doesn’t seem to be aggressive like we read though.  

The Pros & Cons

The Pros:
*Great for multiple ages
*Activities cover all subjects and a variety of learning styles
*E-book format makes for instant gratification and easy printing for multiple students
*Articles are well-written and fun to read
*There are lots of different units to choose from and they require minimal prep and supplies

The Cons:
*E-book format means either reading articles on the computer or using a lot of printer ink.  (I should mention that I have a love/hate relationship with e-books.  I love the “instantness” of them but I hate reading large amounts on a screen.  Thus I use a lot of printer ink.)
*The sheer number of activities can be overwhelming for someone who feels like they have to “check every box.”  (Or a plus for those of us who like to pick and choose.)

My Final Thoughts

I thought the unit was really well done and nice break from our normal school routine.   I really like the way the information was presented.  It was a fun, easy read for my daughter and I.  I also loved the way God’s hand, in the creation of these amazing animal's was woven through out the unit.

The was a huge variety of activities to choose from.  And there was something for every learning style.
I’m definitely going to be looking at the other Curiosity File units for some fun summer learning.


Free Samples are available on the website.
Price: $6.95
Age Range: 8-13

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Heidi said...

Nice review. Your daughter's puffer fish drawing turned out very nice!


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