Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tot School: D.C. Edition

Kayleigh is 29 months old
Tot School

Well not much in the way of official Tot School happened this week. We were busy hanging out and having fun. We spent one day at Water Country with friends and an impromtu field trip with Daddy before he starts his new job. We accomplished one morning of Tot School activities.

I redid our sensory bin. Finally. It's been filled with un-used rice ever since the "rice debacle" back in March. This new bin is so absolutely adorable and colorful. And way less messy. I just love it. It's an ice cream shop sensory bin. This creative genius behind this been is Growing Up our Style. The great thing was that I already had everything I needed for the bin. Pom pom "ice cream", cute little ice cream dishes and spoons, melon baller scoop. I also added in some long spoons and another toy ice cream scoop we had lying around.

I prefer cleaning up pom poms over rice, hands down.

We also played with our Three Bear Family Rainbow Counters. Kayleigh sorted them by color using the cards from Three Bear Activity Set. She did this once and then she played family with them. That was adorable.

She also devised a game where you put the bears in the Going Buggy Bug Tongs and shake them. I'm hoping that was a musical thing and not an animal cruelty thing. LOL

And that concludes our official Tot School activities this week. Thank you.

Here she is splashing around and terrorizing our friends at Water Country USA.

At the end of the week, Daddy wanted to go on an outing. He decided it would be fun to head out to D.C. for the day to see the sights and have lunch with his cousin who lives in the city. He didn't take into account the hot weather, the walking in the hot weather, and all the tourists who are on summer vacation. If there's two things neither one of us don't like it's being hot and crowds. I decided to keep my mouth shut because he's one of those who has to figure things out on his own. Plus Mackenzie was really excited.

So we went, we sweated, we got annoyed by many but we did see some interesting stuff. Although not much because it was packed.

We spent most of our in the American History Museum. I thought that would be good because Mackenzie could review some of her colonial America studies and Kermit and the ruby slippers are there. We also cruised by the Washington Monument and the White House.

Kayleigh was less than impressed with most of it. Probably because it was so crowded that we kept her in her stroller for most of the day. Poor dear.

Here are Kayleigh's highlights...

Sitting in the stroller.

Still in the stroller.

Ooooh, there's the stroller again.

Checking things out...from the stroller.

Just as women gained a different sort of freedoms during WW2, in the area of jobs, so did Kayleigh at the Rosie the Rivetor exhibit. Free at last...

She was a tad disgruntled at the "Children at Play" exhibit. They had all of her favorite toys there. Only they were behind glass where she couldn't get to them. That was kind of mean.

That was the end for her. After that she was done with D.C. She couldn't even be bothered with the White House. Clearly she didn't think much of it.

Be sure to see what the other tots are doing for Tot School over at 1+1+1=1.


Jamie said...

I like this sensory bin too...definitely better than the rice/pasta (I save those for special

I also liked the counting bears, those are on my wish list!

Jamie said...

I am giving you the Sunshine Award for giving me some fresh ideas to do with my Tot! I also enjoyed you listing out your tot school tools and goals!

Susan said...

Your posts always make me homesick! I lived in VA Beach for 15 years growing up and we too had season passes to Bush Gardens and Water Country USA.

Thank you so much for all of the comments about the scissors. I had ordered the M and D ones but they have not arrived yet, so we will try those with another Fiskars one I got at Walmart this week. Maybe I got a dud pair because I could not cut at all with it, or maybe it is because we both cut with our left hands?

Morgan said...

I love the stroller pics! I always feel sorry for Lyla b/c she is stuck in something all the time (stroller, grocery cart, wagon)!

Char said...

Water Country looked fun!!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the color sorting cards. So far we've only sorted into containers but I like the idea of doing it on a mat as well, since in school kids to a lot of sorting like that! Thanks for the idea!

Our Family said...

I really like the ice-cream shop sensory bin too!! Where did you get all the cute ice-cream dishes!?

Jen said...

I love the Ice cream sensory bin. I will def. have to try that with my DD!!


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