Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 29 months old
Tot School

Hello fellow Tot Schoolers! I hope all is well with you.

We had an interesting week. By interesting I mean that Kayleigh was not that interested in doing anything that I suggested and therefore we didn't do much. I hope this doesn't mean that she's back to her old "normal." Ack!

It was hot, hot, hot this week so we spent some time in the pool. My husband and I finally got her to release her death grip on us and she was kicking around on her own with the help of her Speedo Swim Vest. I took a little video with my phone, as she was so cute. Hopefully it will upload properly so you can enjoy it.

We used our Teddy Bear Counters counters and mats. This time we were sorting by size. You were supposed to put the daddies on the slide, mommies on the swings, and the babies on the merry-go-round. Kayleigh had other ideas this week. Apparently everybody wanted to swing and nobody was interested in the slide. There was one baby who did enjoy the merry-go-round. LOL

Then I thought we'd practice our shapes in a fun way. A way that was suited for Kayleigh's temperament. I got out our shape poster and a our fancy fly swatter, both from the Dollar Tree. I was going to call out a shape and she was going to whack it with the swatter. I mean she does like whacking her sister and Swiper "that neaky box" in her Dora book, after all. She did it once. Then she has other ideas.

Apparently her Bitty Baby, "Randa" (named after our friend Miranda) wanted to sit on the shapes. And only the shapes that I didn't call out.

Then we played a Magnifying Lens Picture Matching Game using our cool Melissa & Doug Mombo Snake Magnifying Glass . This didn't go well. She did it once but that was it. She wasn't interested in using the magnifying glass on the little pictures and she certainly wasn't interested in matching the little pictures to the enlarged ones. These shots were the beginning and end of this activity.

We also did a Fruit Loop Sorting activity. This activity went slightly better because I told her that she could only eat the ones that she sorted correctly. I had to add that last bit in because you know she started off putting them on the wrong colors. Then I'd take them off the mat and put them back. Eventually, she decided eating the Fruit Loops was more important to her than messing with mommy.

Lastly she wanted to read Zoo (Little Scholastic) ,which is also a puzzle. The pieces are pretty thin so she got frusterated, as usual. But do not try to help her. She won't react well. LOL

And that was about it. Mostly she played with her sissy and they had lots of fun and got really annoyed with each other. Typical.

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jd6405 said...

I love the magnifying glass game! I have done one like this with polar bears in the past! Such fun!

kewkew said...

Love the froot loop match game. I've used froot loops and apple jacks for one to one corresponding, color matching is a great idea. Where did you get the mat that she put the cereal onto.
Loved watching the video of her in the pool.
What a great week.

kewkew said...

Almost forgot, thanks for the offer to pass on info about my Getting Ready For Reading meme!
Was thinking I would love to follow your blog, but couldn't find a follow button. Am I missing it?

Terra said...

I love the fruit loop matching game. We use our magnifying glass on a daily basis too. My little monkey loves it.

Morgan said...

I got so tickled reading about your adventures with your giggly little girl! I think our girls would have a great time playing together (or not, depending on their mood)! Your activities looked great!

Marla said...

I have now added the magnifying glass to my amazon cart! Haha! And it would have been perfect for our M week!

I think my daughter would love that fly swatter game, too!! She's always swinging around bats and necklaces and whatever she can find....and she gets them VERY close to her sister. She doesn't hit her...but close....looking at us the whole time just to see our reaction. Stinker.

Cheryl said...

LOL, it looks like she had fun learning to me! Blame any cantankerous-ness on the heat :)

Small Adventures Academy said...

She's so cute!! And definitely two. ;)

Tracey Monroe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I spent some time on yours today. I'm finally catching up. How great that your daughter is swimming on her own with her vest! I've thought of getting one for my son and now I'm inspired. I love the variety of ideas you have for Tot School. Especially the fruit loop sorting. My son would love that!


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