Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Another week of summer vacation coming to a close. Only two more left before we start back up with a light load.
I noticed that there was a theme for this week's wrap-up after I had already written this post. LOL But I have already posted about our curriculum for next year, last week, and I have a permanent page that lists our curriculum. If you'd like to see what we use just click HERE. I will periodically update this page as our needs change or, more likely, I find another tidbit that looks interesting and I want to add it in. LOL

This past week we did a few interesting things. Most of which I didn't capture with my camera. So we'll start with those first.

We went to our neighborhood pool a few times. Sometimes with our friends, sometimes just the family.

Mackenzie had a field hockey clinic this week. She has probably drank 2 gallons of water, or more, each day this week. She might float away. It's been really hot here this week. So we started her downing water as soon as her feet hit the floor. By the time field hockey rolled around at 4 p.m. she was well hydrated.

Over the weekend, we took an impromptu trip to D.C. It was daddy's whim. I knew that it was going to be hot, crowded, and generally miserable but he likes to figure these things out for himself. LOL His cousin lives there so we got to hang with her for the afternoon.

There was no method to our day. My husband figured out as soon as we got out of the car that this was a BAD idea. LOL 90+ and a lot of walking amongst a lot of people is not our dream activity.

We decided to pick one place and stay in it as much as possible. So we choose the National Museum of American History. I figured that she could review some of what she learned in Core 3 last year and get a preview of what's to come. Plus Kermit and the ruby slippers are there. Score!

It was good idea, in theory, but the crowds were nuts so you only got a 10 second glance at any one thing before you were pushed along. And Kayleigh had to stay in the stroller throughout most of it because we didn't want her to get lost in the crowds.

We got a quick review of a few things that we studied last year.

No Taxation without Representation!

A look at George Washington's actual uniform. Although only got a picture of these because of the incrediably rude gentleman who stood in front of the uniform for 20 minutes and no one else could see. But I'm not bitter. =o)

There was some hands-on stuff that had to do with life during the American Revolution. Mackenzie got to try out a couple of things.

But the best thing that we saw was The Star Spangled Banner exhibit. We got to see the actual flag, flown over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, that inspired Frances Scott Key to write our national anthem.

It was so moving. No pictures, as photography was forbidden.

But I did get to confront a woman who, aparently didn't see the 100 signs posted everywhere, kept trying to take pictures of it despite everyone in the crowd grumbling at her. I very "sweetly" reminded her of the rule and pointed out that no matter how she adjusted that point and shoot camera she was never going to get a picture of anything more than the reflection of her flash. The room was dark and the flag was behind glass. Duh! She did stop after that. LOL

I did get this picture of a display about the flag in another exhibit hall. Just a little sign and some clippings from the flag. It was okay, I asked. LOL

That was all for the "review portion" of our visit. We spent some time being pushed through the Lincoln exhibit and, what we got to actually see, was interesting. A quick preview for our fourth grade year.

Lincoln's hat

Some campaign stuff

This was Mackenzie's favorite. The towel the Confederates used as a flag of truce when General Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

You have no idea how my happy my tender-hearted daughter was to see this. She was born here in Virginia, so we always tell her that she's a southern belle because she was born in the south. She was horrified last year when she learned that slavery was a huge part of southern life. She felt personally ashamed that they would fight a war so that they could continue on with slavery.

She was the same way learning about the plight of the Native Americans. She felt that, as an American, that she was personally responsible for the horrible things that our country did to them. Such a caring soul she is. We're working on feeling horrified but not responsible. Hopefully before we hit WW2.

At anyrate, she was thrilled that the south had finally given up. Thank goodness General Custer saved that so Mackenzie could get some closure. Shew!

And for fun, we saw the ruby slippers, Kermit, and Carol Burnett's Gone With the Wind dress. LOL

Cousin Ally said, "Oh the White House is only 2 blocks away. Let's walk over." We believed her, so we went. We don't believe her anymore. I think Kevin was having flashbacks of Iraq as we trudged through the sweltering heat. LOL

We finally made it. Thank goodness there's a drink stand every 3.5 feet.

The Washington Monument was on our way to the car so I snapped a picture of that as we crawled by.

So that, dear friends, was our week. We saw some sights and learned a valuable lessons. Never to set foot in D.C. from April-September.

Be sure to check out the Weekly Wrap-Up, hosted by Kris, and see what everyone else is up too.


Stacy said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I loved looking at all of your pictures, and having a little "online" vacation through your blog. LOL! Loved the historical stuff you got to see. Very cool!

Luke said...

Hot? Crowded? Ugh.

But I'm glad you got to snap a few fun pictures [smile].


Samantha said...

Lincoln's hat! That is cool! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

AFwife99 said...

I love your pictures! We took the kids to the National Air and Space Museum this weekend- along with many many boy scouts! But it was a lot of fun and the kids thought it was really cool- and really hot. Heat index was 115!

I am really looking forward to Sonlight. Everyone I have talked to has told me the readers are wonderful.

I would buy your house, too, but I don't think Hubby would appreciate the commute! LOL


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