Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday!!! Hope your week went well.

We've been working, working, working to get this year over! It would probably go faster if we'd stop taking breaks for things like the zoo. Actually, the zoo didn't stop us. We did school afterward. Ha!

Some of our highlights this week...

One more lesson in math!!!!! Woot!!!!!

Science will be done by Wednesday. Double woot!! We're currently enjoying The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible. It's been a very interesting read and has given us a lot of things to discuss.

Mackenzie and daddy had fun with the Blizzard in a Bucket that I picked up for cheap at the Scholastic Warehouse sale.

We have two weeks left of history but I have a feeling that we'll be doubling up next week and finish that up too. That's always easy to double. That will just leave us with two read alouds and two readers to finish. Oh happy day!!! The end is near.

We studied the Nez Perce this week and she made a Nez Perce History Pocket this week. Sorry no pictures.

You'll have to settle for these from the zoo yesterday. It was hot, slightly crowded for a Thursday, and we had to battle the world's worst behaved school group ever but the animals were cooperative for my camera. Even the ones who's tails were being stepped on by obnoxious boys with no supervision.

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Alicia said...

I know you must be so glad that the school year is wrapping up! Hope you have a great summer!!


Joesette said...

Great photos! sorry that the school group were out of control though!

Jennifer said...

I love the zoo photos! Especially the ones of those two legged animals! :)


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