Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Short Week

Another week gone by. Another short week. With last week's school room makeover, we didn't accomplish much. So this week I decided not to try and catch-up and just finish our work from last week. And then Mackenzie's CAT test arrived, so it just made even more sense.

So first we knocked out the test. Mackenzie flew through it in record time.

The only thing she hadn't covered that was on the test is division. Math-U-See uses a very different scope and sequence then other curriculums so she won't cover division until next year. However, the program gives her an excellent understanding of math and numbers so she quickly figured out that she could turn the division problems into a "solving for the unknown" problem and get the correct answer that way. Smart girl. I guess we'll see if she got them all right.

Then we finished up a few of our core subjects like history, science and math. We didn't have to much left.

Here she is working on her drawing lessons. I never really post much about that so I decided to take a few pictures. We use I Can Do All Things from How Great Thou Art. We love it! (I'm doing it along with her.) It's soooo easy to use. It even has dvd lessons for moms like me who aren't at artsy. It covers beginning drawing, how to use colored pencils, blending with watercolor markers, and beginning painting. So far we've only tried the drawing and a few of the marker lessons. It's a lot of fun.

Here she's learning to draw cubes and boxes.

On Friday we went to Busch Gardens. The weather was perfect but there were a tad more school groups there then we like. We've been spoiled by never having to wait in lines.

Today we went strawberry picking with Daddy. No pictures of the actual event because Kenzie took the cybershot out of my bag. I didn't feel like bringing my "Big Girl Camera" so I put the little camera in my bag. Grrrr...

Here are a couple from afterward.

Next week we plan to hit the books hard in the hopes of getting as much done as possible before we are invaded by family in the first two weeks of June.

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wdworkman said...

The strawberries look delicious!

Janet W

Cheryl said...

I had that issue with Math-U-See too. People sying things like "You mean he hasn't done division yet??" But I found that even though we hadn't approached some topics he had such a good base knowledge he could make a very well educated (and often correct) guess :)

Ellen said...

Those berries look fabulous! Enjoy! And congrats to getting the CAT out of the way. My 3rd grader tackled that last month.


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