Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 27 months old
Tot School

This week we finished up a few things left from our Zoo/Jungle theme but, for the most part, the majority of our activities were "themeless." And Kayleigh was cooperative for the most part. That makes 3 weeks in a row for those of you who are counting. =o)

Here she is sorting hearts and stars. I got the mats here. I love her site! Love it!! I decided to do just two shapes because Kayleigh doesn't like to sort normally. I thought she might be willing to sort a couple of objects. She likes hearts and stars so I was hoping those particular shapes would encourage participation. Which they did. By the way, you can get the buttons here.

Notice the bottle. Please note that as a baby she would not take a bottle. EVER! Which meant I could not leave her. EVER. Not even as an older baby because she refused baby food as well. Now, she'll randomly ask for one every month or so. Sometimes we give it to her because we think it's funny in an ironic sort of way.

Here she is working on her fine motor skills with spaghetti and a sugar shaker from the Dollar Tree. She really loved this. I'm glad I finally remembered to buy the shaker.

She played with her foam number puzzle (Dollar Tree). Mommy named the numbers and she banged them into place with a toy hammer. (I love Carisa for thinking of that. Everythings more fun with a hammer.)

She did the shape puzzles from her Lauri Toys Primer Pack.

She made a picture with some zoo stickers that I happened to find with our art supplies. That was a spur of the moment addition.

She painted black stripes on an orange tiger print out using a pipe cleaner.

Big Sis was making a Navajo-style necklace as part of her schoolwork and Kayleigh was jealous. So we Kayleigh made a tot version. I had her put stickers on the "pendant." I guess the Fourth of July stars aren't very Navajo-like but Kayleigh liked them.

After the necklace was together, she refused to wear it. LOL

She really likes sitting on the big potty. Don't be too impressed, she doesn't actually go to the bathroom yet. She likes to sit there because Sissy does. LOL

Here she is ready to pray before dinner. I'm trying to get one that isn't blurry but haven't had much luck. But blurry or not, it's still adorable. And heaven help you if you don't start praying fast enough

She also did a great job of transferring pom poms from a basket into an icecube tray. With tongs. I took pictures. Then I formatted my disc in prepartion for my nieces dance recital and forgot to upload them. Ughhh! I hate it when I do that.

And that was our week. Be sure to check out the other tot's over at 1plus1plus1.


Char said...

My little one is really into hearts and stars too. : ) Do the buttons have big hole that are easy for little one's to lace or do you just use them for sorting? Great week BTW

Jen said...

You got a lot of great activities in this week!

Our Country Road said...

Oh the picture of your DD praying is just precious! I really need to get some of those buttons, I think my kids would like them. Great week!

Fiona said...

what a great week! Love the tiger stripes!

Dawn said...

Ah, she is such a doll! Congrats on THREE weeks of cooperation! :)

The bottle makes me smile. My 28 month old refused a bottle as a baby, as well. When I was sorting things for the new baby last spring, he found some bottles and did the same thing as Kayleigh. Oh, the irony! :)

Lil' Ms. P - Madonna said...

Love the prayer pic. I should try to capture my son. Lil' Babes are so cute praying.

Susan said...

So much fun! I am so excited for you that K had another great week. I am hoping for a good week with Sophie this week...we have been off for a few weeks and this morning she woke up with a fever. No fun!


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