Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 26 months
Tot School

Hello fellow Tot Schoolers!! I hope that you have had a great week!

I almost hesitate to tell you all how are week of Tot School went, lest you think I'm a slacker, again. You see, we only did 1 day of actual Tot School. For the second week in a row. Yes, it's true! I had grand visions of a zoo/jungle animal theme. Picture cute art projects to hang in her jungle themed room. Picture a trip to the zoo at the end of the week to see the real animals in action. Picture the reality of a great day on Monday, Baby Gym on Tuesday, and a halt on Wednesday.

On a whim, my husband and I thought of even grander plans. Much grander plans. And we began implementing them on a Wednesday because we're crazy like that. We even called off third grade in order to complete our new plan. We worked on it through Saturday morning. But the new plans were oh, so worth it in the long run. Are you dying to know what caused us to "skip school?" If you want to know, click HERE. I blogged all about it. It is way cool!

Now on to what we did accomplish.

On Monday we had the best day of Tot School ever!! We didn't do much but Wee Babe actually cooperated with what we did do. The entire time!!! Try not to pass out in shock.

She sorted big and little lions...correctly. That's right, I said CORRECTLY!

She built a tower out of MEGA Bloks . Always a good time. She even, gasp, named some of the colors when I asked.

In the Jungle (Play Pegs) was a big hit. I bought it just for our theme. She LOVED it a played with it for a long time. Did I mention that she put the pieces in the correct spot as I read? Really!

Big Sis and I "practiced" counting and clapping to 5 and Kayleigh joined in.

Wee Babe had an urge to paint so I printed a hippo from Confessions of a Homeschooler and got out the DO-A-DOT markers.

Later in the week, Kayleigh found ways to entertain herself while Mommy and Daddy worked on the project.

She played Wii Fit .

She studied a praying mantis case.

She played Elefun with Big Sis.

She discovered the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise that used to belong to Sissy.

She read The Baby Bible Storybook .

Lastly she enjoyed sissy's old Barbie Jeep that we found buried in the garage. I have to say she's a terrible driver. LOL

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Jen said...

Loved the things you did this week! And I absolutely LOVE your school room. Mine is not near as equipped (I only have tot school right now), but I spent some time getting a few things together this week. I love organizing and looks like you found some great things at IKEA!!

melaniet42 said...

I got even less done Tot School-wise this week and didn't accomplish nearly as much as you! Your schoolroom transformation is great!! We *heart* Ikea!

Dawn said...

Congrats on a great Tot School day, and WOW - I'm so jealous of that homeschool room. It's amazing! So is Ikea...

Enjoy your new room! Hopefully it's conducive to lots of learning, and you can make up for those missed days ;)

Dawn said...

By the way - the Play Pegs - is it a puzzle attached to a book? Do you put the puzzle pieces into slots in the book? I couldn't figure it out from the picture on Amazon, but it looks fun!


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