Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 26 months old

Tot School

Hello Tot Schoolers, I hope you had a fabulous week! Ours was good. Great weather for the most part and a trip to Busch Gardens on Friday. It's our Friday ritual in the spring. Go hit all the rides as much as we can before PS lets out. We don't do lines. LOL

Big Sis, Mackenzie, was bug-sitting some caterpillars and ladybug larva for a friend who had to go out of town. Kayleigh got to enjoy, and be repulsed by, the critters. Last week both the ladybugs and the butterflies were ready to be released. (We're also watch a praying manthis but he hasn't hatched yet.)

Kayleigh was DYING to hold a "yadybug." Right up until you tried to hand it to her. Then she'd run screaming. LOL

She finally decided to participate by carrying around the cage that still had a couple of "yadybugs" in it.

She was the same way with the butterflies. "I hod it." Then run away, screaming.

Then she tried to kiss it. LOL

Finally, she let it sit on her leg. She was so proud.

I made this shape matching game from Making Learning Fun. It was supposed to be an Easter game but we didn't get to it so now it's a Spring game. LOL

As you know, if you've ever read my blog before, Kayleigh is not big on playing by the rules or doing what I'd like. She almost always refuses to sort, match, name correctly anything. She always opts to do it "wrong." On purpose. ( I should make a video of her strategy for mismatching. It's hilarious.)

Please notice in the photo below that she actually matched the circles CORRECTLY. It's a miracle!! And it's the only one she did right. After that she continued with her normal madness of matching them to all the wrong choose and then setting the piece aside instead of putting it on the correct choice. LOL (I did the other two as an "example" of how to play.)

She played with Mr. Potato Head.

We were given these Sesame Street My First 123's Deluxe Activity Cards from a friend. They come with dry erase markers and you can practice counting objects and tracing the numbers. I got out #1-5 so we could work on some number recognition. I thought we could play some games with them, like I call out a number and she hits the correct card with the fly swatter. Well, eventually, after some practice. No dice. She wasn't interested. She just wanted to color on them.

We tried spooning her "treasures" into a tray (frame from the Dollar Tree really).

She used spooned ONCE.

It's faster if you just grab handfuls and don't try to sort them by color.

The big hit of the week was her Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower because what's not fun about banging something with a hammer and making a lot of noise?

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Loving Our Homeschool said...

She's just so stinking cute! I love the "yady bugs."

Jolly Green Mommy said...

I love the Melissa and Doug Tower, and I know Sprout would too!

Don't you love it when they surprise us by doing something "correctly" after fighting it for so long! Congrts

Looks like a great week. Your daughter is adorable.

sbswtp said...

such a fun week!!! your photos are great:)

Michelle said...

I love Kayleigh's reaction to the lady bugs and butterfly - so sweet! Hope you have another great week this week! =)

Susan said...

We had some fun with Ladybugs yesterday. Sophie was so excited to hold them and then I went to release them and she would not touch time! Little ones are so cute.

melaniet42 said...

I love that frame and the sorting activity. Your Kayleigh sounds a lot like my Jillian when it comes to doing what she's "supposed" to do!

Our Country Road said...

Ha ha! Yes you can tell our kids about the same age. Hopefully when they get a bit older they will be more interested in doing the games correctly. I love the butterflies. How fun!! I dont so much love the ladybugs. Our part of the country has infestation issues and we have more ladybugs then you would ever want to see.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

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