Monday, April 5, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 25 months old
Tot School

Happy Easter Tot Schoolers! I hope you all had a blessed day!!

Kayleigh, bless her heart, did not want to participate in many activities this week. She had no interest and a lot of opinions. I'm totally jealous of all your cooperative tots who do all these fun things every week. Here it's always "no, no, no!" LOL

Here are some of the things we attempted.

#1 I thought she would LOVE this activity from Home Grown Hearts. Especially since I put the eggs in a little bunny basket. Yeah, not so much. Sissy tried to interest her by playing along and getting one of our Bitty Twins to play too. We tried playing it in different locations. She's not one to be fooled. She did one put on one egg.

#2 Hide and Squeak Eggs~ These she did play with for a few minutes. Not to match the shapes on the eggs to the shapes in the carton, of course LOL, but she did have fun with them.

#3 Like last week, she had no interest in matching bunnies, butterflies, or chicks. They just sat there untouched.

As did #4, sorting big and little crosses. She refused to attempt this too. We're going to try it again.

She did play with her Melissa and Doug lacing beads. This was a surprise because those usually get tossed aside by her too.

Our biggest success of the week was the Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Eggs. I bought them at Target for $15, which I thought was pricey at the time, but apparently that was a deal compared to Amazon. And since she loved them so much, I'm glad that I got them. You turn them on and they either cheep or shout "I'm over here!" Then your kids go find them. Inside are little bunnies or chicks. They shout "Surprise! You found me!" when opened.

Kayleigh finally worked on the Letter C. She started her C is for Cat page for her ABC book.

She started off painting with Q-tips but she didn't like that. Too messy! So we switched to a paint brush. Mommy still needs to cut it out so she can glue the pieces together and, hopefully, draw the whiskers. Then it will be ready to laminate and put in her book.

Here she is helping with our Resurrection Eggs. We had a hard time keeping stuff out of her mouth. She doesn't eat much food but she eats everything else. LOL

And here's my spirited girl all dressed up for Easter Sunday. Notice she's clutching a bag of gummy bunnies. "I got candy!" is pretty much all she said all day long. LOL

So now we now that she likes candy and open-ended toys and nothing else. LOL

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the talking eggs!

MommyWise said...

Ainsley, my 26.5 month old, is the same way. Some days she cooperates.. some days she smiles and refuses.

Cassie said...

She looks beautiful in that sunflower dress! Great activities this week...I'm always a little disappointed when Jackson doesn't like the things I plan, but I guess that's just the way it goes huh?

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

What a great week! :)

sbswtp said...

I love the picture with her hands over her face...too cute! Don't worry..there are plenty of days that Ryleigh doesn't like my projects either...

Cindy said...

Great week! Love the eggs from Target!

Dawn said...

My little guy loved the Hide Em & Find Em eggs, too. He thought we left it at the store, so he was VERY excited to hear that egg talking to him on Easter morning!

If it makes you feel any better, Alex (27 months) usually tells me "I keep run away from Tot School." It takes a little encouragement to get him interested in it, and then - some days - he's still rather hard to keep on task. You're not alone.

Lil' Ms. P said...

I love her Easter dress! Too cute. And the talking eggs sound like a lot of fun! (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

IIRC, 24 months was a really negative time for Sweet Pea too. It seemed like everything set her off and she would melt to the floor in agony over the teeeny tiniest things. She got threw that though and has been very cooperative for the past few months... which usually means she is about to go haywire on me again. :)

I saw those Hide Em & Find Em eggs and thought about buying them, but didn't. Now you've made me wonder if I made a mistake. :)

melaniet42 said...

Great success with the lacing beads! We don't have much luck with sorting or matching around here either. Your little one looks beautiful in her Easter dress!!

Susan said...

I love how honest you are about your time with K, but even though Sophie usually gets into activities, there are tons of "No Thank Yous" that take place. Now I know that gluing activities are always popular and she HATES matching file folder games...unless there is velcro. Then it is ok....just ok.
I think you are a great mom and provide such wonderful activities for your daughters.


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