Friday, April 9, 2010

Tot School

Kayleigh is 25 months old

Tot School

Hello Tot Schoolers!! I hope you had a great week! We had a lot of nice weather and spent a great deal of time outside.

Kayleigh played a lot on her Little Tikes Swing Along Castle.

We did our version of the egg and spoon race to work on some motor skills.

Kayleigh was supposed to scoop the eggs out of the bowl.

Carry it the spoon to the basket on the other end of the yard.

And drop into the basket.

Kayleigh felt the need to tweak the activity. For one the egg wouldn't always stay in the spoon. So she solved that problem first.

It really works better, she decided, if you hold the egg on the spoon.

But alas, Kayleigh still wasn't happy. It was taking far too long to get all those eggs into one basket.

Problem solved! And that is just a perfect example of how her mind works. Work smarter, not harder. LOL

She also found other uses for the eggs. She's so clever! LOL

She helped her sister and her cousin decorate our fence with sidewalk chalk.

She loved, loved, loved this activity with a tic tac toe game I bought at the Dollar Tree. She played with it all week. Well I should clarify a little bit. She loved it if you could just stand there and stick pegs in. If you started any of that educational mumbo jumbo, like talking about pink and white, she'd run away screaming. LOL

She used egg chalk to draw on her Melissa & Doug Magnetic Chalk Dry Erase Board. She loves the chalk board. I don't use it nearly enough. And I haven't been brave enough to let her use the dry erase side yet. She often likes to write on things that aren't supposed to be written on so I've been leary. LOL Her older sister never did such things.

I got out her Smart Shapes peg stacker. She ALWAYS love this toy. Usually she'll just stack the pegs but this time she even did the puzzle portion.

I decided to give her Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book another try. She hasn't really seen it since she got it at Christmas. She totally wasn't interested in it then. She did a little better this time. She would flip through the pages herself and carry it around. She had zero interest in playing with the puzzle pieces or listening to me sing the abc song as I pointed to the letters.

Check out what other tot's are doing at Carisa's.


Letherton said...

cute pics
I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
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Thanks :)

Ritsumei said...

That looks like some fun stuff she gets to do this week!

Cassie said...

We just got the slide & swing castle for our son and he just loves it!

I am really impressed with Kayleigh's egg and spoon skills. She's a very clever little girl!

Char said...

Looks like you had some fun activities. We are considering buying a slide and swing now that the weather is getting nice out.

Basia said...

My son Connor does the same thing when I give him fine motor skill activities like transferring objects with spoons or tongs. He attempts it a few times and then shows me the much faster way of doing things - tipping from one container to the other. It's adorable when they do that.

MommyWise said...

She's like my 26 month old daughter... who has her own ideas of how to do things.

sbswtp said...

Great activities! Your pictures are always good! :)

Susan said...

Your post is one of my favorite ones to read. It is written so lovingly yet honestly.
The peg puzzles look fun, do you remember who makes them?


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