Monday, May 23, 2011

Tot School~Lite

Kayleigh is 39 months


We had a very light week of Tot School this week.  There was no new letter of the week.  Mainly we played catch-up on our ABC book and did some things that I had planned for earlier weeks but never gotten around too.   Partially because I was feeling lazy and partially because we had a lot going on around the house, not to mention recitals of all kinds.

The A/C needed repairs.  We had our grass “killed”, an irrigation system installed (we’re expecting sod this week LOL), and we enlarged our back yard so the kids have more play space.  We live in an end-unit town home with a dinky backyard and a huge and useless side yard.  Fixed that. LOL

So I guess we’ll call this week a week of eclectic skill building. LOL

She decided that she wanted to use the hole puncher like mommy.  Clearly we need to work on that some more. LOL


She colored a lot of the printables from ABC Mouse.   We are really loving this program.  I’m going to dedicate a whole post to this program soon.


This is actually a picture of my oldest doing math but I cracked up when I noticed Kayleigh grinning in the background.   I believe she was gloating that she was playing on the computer while sissy had to do school work.  Typical Kayleigh.


Here she is playing on ABC Mouse.  She just loves it.  And boy are her computer skills improving by leaps and bounds.



We went to the Scholastic Book Fair.  My friend actually filled a wagon full of books for her two, just two, kids.  My other friend and are more discriminating so we came in under $50.  I prefer the actual book club flyers over the warehouse sale.  I find more stuff that is to my liking.


Kayleigh did enjoy her new books.  This getting dressed book was a favorite.


I think her favorite active was climbing in one of our Trofast storage bins. LOL  At least until she had to put back all of the stuff that she dumped out.


She did some princess sorting from the Princess Pack over at 1+1+1=1. 


Another printable from ABC Mouse.  This was a first time doing a color by number so I had her help me find the right section and then I’d outline it for her to color.  She started off so strong.


Then she went all Kayleigh on me. LOL  So close, yet so far. 


Another printable from the site.  She was very into coloring that day.


We played catch-up on our ABC book.  We did M is for Mickey and Minnie, N is for Numbers, and P is for Princess.  They all involved stickers that I had. LOL  Nice and easy.  We were supposed do to O is for Octopus but forgot it.  It was a little more involved than stickers. LOL



She played with her Smart Shapes Peg  Stacker.  Always a favorite.  Especially when a hammer is involved.



Mackenzie loves these things too.  This particular set is rather small so I ordered peg stacker set so they’ll be more to share.   We can’t wait for them to get her tomorrow.


She did a lot of cutting.  I finally broke out her Kumon Let’s Cut Paper book and she was a cutting maniac.


In the area of practical life, she’s been witness to a lot of heavy machinery as we redo our yard.


And the highlight of her week was when Mackenzie’s music teacher asked Kayleigh to participate in the last class.  Kayleigh was so proud and excited.  She got to play the boom whackers.  Lucky girl!!


Check out what the other tots  are up to by clicking the tot school button at the top of the page.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

She does such a GREAT job! Look at her working that computer and those scissors!

Carolyn said...

I have got to get some peg stackers! My oldest would go nuts with those! And I love lazy weeks, mainly because we seem to have the most fun on those days. :)

jess_hak said...

I love Scholastic! I've been trying to join them to get the book order flyers....but I've never gotten one. I suppose I should call them. Looks like you had a very busy lazy week! Thank you for sharing. :)


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