Monday, May 16, 2011

Tot School: P is for Princess

Kayleigh is 39 months old
This week we were on the letter P so we had to do a princess theme for my littlest princess.  She loved “Princess School.”
Here are our activities in no particular order.
I made her a princess “spelling” game with her favorite Disney Princesses.  She always loves these letter matching games.
She practiced her fine motor skills by stringing jewels (pony beads) and “puffs” onto pink pipe cleaners.
Kayleigh used her do-a-dot markers to stamp a capital P.  And, for the first time ever, she just stamped the circles. LOLThis came from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
This super-cute “Color the Castle by Shape” activity came from 1+1+1=1’s Princess Pack.  We used our do-a-dot markers again.  And Kayleigh actually followed directions.  Two for two, woot!!
She loves playing with her Melissa & Doug latches board.  We pretended that she was locking up her “Palace.”
She played Pretty, Pretty Princess for the first time.  Mommy won.  Kayleigh came in second.  She might have been able to win if she hadn’t decided to play topless.  She didn’t believe me when I told her that was unacceptable for a princess. LOL  Or anyone really.
I made this Big P, Little p sort for her.  We usually use the one from COAH but we wanted a more “ princessey” version.
She made a foam princess crown which she decorated with foam stickers.  She also decorated herself.
Next we had fun with the Princess Graphing Game from the 1+1+1=1 Princess Pack.  Roll the dice, mark off your roll (we used stickers), and count.
We sorted Princess wands according to size.  She’s pretty proficient at these activities but she still likes them.  This one came from Little Piles Everywhere
She painted in her Tangled Color Wonder book purchased just for Princess school.  She LOVES that movie.
We counted presents for the Princess’s Birthday.  This was also from Little Piles Everywhere
She was NOT HAPPY when the princess didn’t get any presents.  She declared that she doesn’t like zero. LOL
She decided since the princess missed out on some presents that she should get cookies and drug out her cookie shape sorter.  LOL
We did some Princess Patterning.  I made this with some clipart designed to look the characters in Tangled.  Kayleigh was thrilled and got out her Tangled people to help with the patterns.
She used a princess want to point out the patterns.
She decided to draw a princess in her princess notebook.  I love it when she draws now.  Soooo cute!!!
She matched colored disks to the pages of the Princess Color book from the 1+1+1=1 Princess Pack. 
She really loves stamping with our Melissa & Doug letter stamps so I made this P is for Palace page.  I call out big or little p and she picks the correct stamp.  The idea is from 1+1+1=1. 
We did the “What is Different?” activity from the 1+1+1=1 Princess Pack.  Kayleigh’s never done anything like this before so I really had to walk her through it.  With some practice, she’ll get the hang of it.
Here is Mackenzie explaining to Kayleigh just how lucky she is that she does Tot School.  “When you’re older, you’ll get a big list like this of work you have to do.”   LOL  Wahhh for you Mackenzie.
Kayleigh ignored her and continued making “brownies” with our Math-U-See blocks.   LOL  That was one of Mackenzie’s favorite things to do with them when she was younger.  Great minds think alike, I guess.
I got her a subscription to an online program called ABC Mouse.  I was interested in it because it has “lessons” on how to use the mouse.  Mackenzie was highly proficient with the computer at this age but Kayleigh doesn’t often get to use the computer, so I decided to try this.  Especially since the nifty Fisher-Price toddler computer that she got for Christmas doesn’t work with our new iMac.   Poor second born baby doesn’t even get computer time. LOL
So far her favorite activity are the online stories.  She watched this one 5 times.
Mackenzie’s praying mantis nymphs emerged from their egg case and Kayleigh was fascinated.  Not very princessey but quite interesting.
There were tons of them.  Most are now living in our veggie garden getting rid of unwanted pests.  A couple we are trying to raise to adults so we can observe them.
Kayleigh also spent A LOT of time playing with her many Little People Princess sets.  We have quite a few.  It’s almost embarassing to say we own that many, except that she plays with them all the time.  I didn’t take any pictures but I’ll link you below.
Our very favorite princess book was Gigi: God’s Little Princess.  We also own the movie. LOL  She got those for Christmas.

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Crisc said...

Great week =)

Bethy said...

What a fun week! Good to know they love the latch board, our son is getting it for his birthday.

Amy @ simply necessary said...

Love the topless princess! And the princess printables! Just rght for my princess!


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