Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tot School

Kayleigh is 37 months
Tot School

This week we worked on the letter Ll, mainly using activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Ladybug magnet page from COAH
She's getting much better at My First Book of Mazes by Kumon. 

She had a lot of fun with her Bear Family Counters.  We sorted by size then by size and color.  I have some also cards to go along with them from my teaching days.  I can't find them anywhere on the web.  These are the closest I could find. 

She played with her color and texture puzzles  A LOT!

Kayleigh asked to get out our foam ABC blocks.  That was a surprise as she never wants to play with them.

We finished her K is for kite page for her ABC block.  She was really happy because we just another Do-A-Dot set that has PINK in it.  

There was another poke page this week.  However, Kayleigh wasn't really into it this time.

from COAH
I finally got a new sensory bin together.  This time it's an alphabet bin.  I used foam bath letters,  letter magnets,  and pieces from this Scoopin' Letters game that I bought in Guam.  I have not been able to find that on the web either.  Too bad because it is AWESOME.  It came with a giant inflatable bowl (which we no longer have), lettered balls, ice cream dishes and spoons, and word cards.  You put a card in the slot on the dish and then use the spoon to scoop out the balls to spell your word.  We just play with the balls for letter recognition at this point.  Oh and we used some funky bug view tongs that we got at Oriental trading too.

Sorting Big L, Little L

from COAH

Ladybug Shape Puzzles

from COAH
We got out the  bear family again along with our balance.  Boy was that a hit.  She didn't understand a word of what I was saying about weight but she had a blast.

She's been very into helping in the kitchen.  One day she "made cookies" all by herself.  I confess I rearranged them when she wasn't looking.    She was very proud of herself.

We played The Ladybug Game and I got pictures of it.  But they're still on my camera and I don't feel like dealing with it.  Maybe later. LOL  She did okay with it considering how much she dislikes rules and waiting her turn.

And that was our week.  Be sure to click the Tot School button at the top of the page and see all the other great tot activities.  


Our Side of the Mountain said...

You have SUCH great manipulatives! What do you recommend for a K/1st grader? LOL She looks like she's always having a great time!


Guiding Light said...

What a great post...gave me some ideas for our 38 month old. Thank you!


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