Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well what can I say about this week.  Typical.  Busy.  Exhausting.  That sounds about right.

It was typical in that sense that we got what needed to be done finished.  It was busy because cheer and basketball started.  Not to mention two outings with friends this week.  It was exhausting because we live with Kayleigh.   So exhausting also falls under typical. LOL

School, school, what did we do??


She started division with remainders.  She seems to have a pretty good handle on that.  We love Mr. Demme.  He's such a fun math teacher.


We're finishing up our study on bats.  We have decided that bats are the perfect pets.  They don't make your house dirty, chew up your stuff, claw you, jump all over you, or "go" on the floor.  And they're useful.  Not only do they pollinate tons and tons of things that we love to eat, they eat thousands of bugs a night.  We want one or two to make our backyard mosquito free during the summer.  =o)

Next week we're hitting a local museum that is having an exhibit on bats.  We're excited.  More on that next week.  ;o)

She also worked with her latest Snap Circuit set again.  She just loves that she got a bigger set.

Language Arts

Spelling, good.  Writing good.  Grammar good.  She's learning to diagram prepositional phrases at the moment.  Exciting, huh? LOL


We've been studying the growth of America during late 1800s/early 1900s.  The ingenuity our ancestors had to get what they needed done.  Building amazing bridges without modern equipment.  Inventing new ways to communicate.   And on and on.   It's amazing how such a new country shot to the head of the pack.

Mackenzie is reading about George Washington Carver as her read aloud.  What an amazing man!

We just finished The Great Wheel.  Mackenzie was so into it that she read ahead without me.  LOL  We're moving onto Little Britches next week.

Other Stuff

Well, as I mentioned, cheer and basketball started up.  We had our first practice and our first game tomorrow.  Nothing like having one hour to get a group of new girls ready to cheer.  The "old timers" will have to work extra hard.  Luckily their coach isn't a stickler.  At least not yet. LOL  Well maybe a little when she saw her daughter's sloppy high-V after 4 years of cheering.

Mackenzie got her favorite coach for basketball.  And her most of her cheer buddies are on her team.  She doesn't have mad bball skills but she's not too bad.  And I love the serious look on her face as she runs up and down the court.

Piano continues to go fantastic.  Mackenzie really has a gift for it.  Halfway through the year and she's almost done with her book.  She's in a group class, as this was her first year and I wasn't willing to pay the big bucks yet, and her teacher is always telling us that private lessons are a must for her next year.  We're so proud of her.

We've been slacking on our art since we headed back to school after break, but we did play a drawing game she got for Christmas.   It's called Pick and Draw and it is soooo much fun!!!  We were just cracking up.   I can't recommend it enough.  You can "try it out" on the website.

And that was our week.  How was yours??  Check out all the wrap-ups at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers



Anonymous said...

That Snap Circuit looks like fun!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

I've been eying that Pick and Draw game! It seems like a lot of fun for a quick, artist-y way to spice up a day when needed!

Productive week, huh? I LOVE that she's blowing a gum bubble watching Mr Demme! LOL

Jessica said...

I also am going to check out the Pick and Draw game! Thanks for the suggestion.

Kympossible said...

She's blowing a bubble while doing Math! Love it! Looks like a great week just FULL of fun school!


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