Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tot School

Kayleigh is 35 months old
Tot School

Kayleigh still hasn't been very interested in Tot Schooling but we did a little bit.  Our theme was snowmen.

She practiced counting by placing "snowflakes" on the numbered snowmen cards.  This was from Making Learning Fun.

She loves looking at A Child's Book of Art from Sonlight's Pre-K Core.

I found the girls hiding in Kayleigh's room reading.  Melts a mommy's heart.

We read 5 Little Snowman, a printable from Itsy Bitsy Learning.

This shape snowman match is also from Itsy Bitsy Learners.

Then we made a snowman craft.   She glued on the body pieces.

Drew a "face."

And painted some snowflakes using mini marshmallows.

Afterward, she ate some marshmallows while working on a snowman magnet page from Making Learning Fun.

She also had her end of the semester show at the Little Gym.

We ended the week with a trip to the aquarium.

"I NEVA EVA touch a snake.  They gwoss and disgussin!!"


Elle Belles Bows said...

Great school week! You have some really amazing photos in this post! Great job on the photography! Kerri

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Great pictures from the aquarium! We are going this week and I am so excited!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! She does a lot of work for such a little girl!


Ambra said...

Thanks for the link to the Itsy Bitsy Learners site! I haven't heard about them but it looks like a great site with lots of ideas and information. Great week!

Jen said...

Great week!! I totally agree with her views on snakes ;)

Dawn said...

Awww, love the picture of you & the girls at the end of the post. Adorable!

I love your idea to paint snowflakes with marshmallows. How fun!

Fiona said...

what a great week! Love the snow activites but roll on spring hey? Its been freeezing here lol!

Madonna said...

The Little Gym looked like so much fun. The parachute was always one of my favorite activities when I was young.

Tracey M. said...

What a fun week of learning! The Snowman theme is great and I might do that. I love, love the picture of them reading together! So sweet.


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