Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The One Where Mackenzie Says No to France...

So far we've survived the morning with no drama or attitude.  Yay!!!  Thank you God!!!

We finished reading The Family Under the Bridge this morning.  She wouldn't let me stop reading until we were done.  We both really enjoyed it.

Our next read aloud is going to be Twenty and Ten.  I'm excited about reading it, although I hear it's a tear jerker.  But given the topic, how could it not be.

It's also been made into a movie, which we've ordered from netflix.  We'll watch it after we read the book.  It stars "Hot Lips Hulahan" from M.A.S.H. as a nun. LOL  That should be interesting.

This week in math we've been working on solving for unknowns.  She's really into it.  I didn't think she'd catch on quickly but, once again, she surprised me. 

We are studying clothing from different historical periods in history.  Specifically from reading Living Long Ago.  Today we were learning about French court fashions.  I can't believe how much I've learned from this book.  And I have a history minor. (confirms my living books over text books views though LOL)

Anyway, Mackenzie was horrified by the French and they're lack of hygiene back then.  We learned how they bathed in frequently. (Interesting fact, King Louis XIV only bathed about once a year.)  Then we read how the ladies wore the "big hair" and used wires and fake hair and didn't touch it for weeks at a time. And how this lead to them having lice and fleas in their hair.

After we finished, I asked Mackenzie what she thought.  "I think I don't want to visit France because it's probably stinky."   Why?  "Because the king stinks and Armand didn't take but one bath either. Everybody's dirty." 

Armand was a character in The Family Under the Bridge.  It takes place in Paris. ROFL  I explained that you can't judge an entire country by one character in a book but at least I know she's listening and making connections.  And then we looked at some photos of France and she's ready to hop on a plane for a visit. lol


barbieheart said...

Just to let you know, the movie is not like the book. Why do they think they have to change the story, when they make it into a movie?

It is "similar," but really, the book is better. And just the way it happened.


p.s. enjoyed your post!

Mileshouse said...

I'll have to dig around to re-read it to my younger crew soon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ahhh Guam! How beautiful it is. I miss the relocations and military mayhem. We always looked forward to the new experiences and culures in new areas. Home was wherever mom's apron hung.

Mackenzie sounds like a hoot! I know my youngest daughter would get along beautifully with her.


dawilli said...

Your little one sounds very astute! I've been to France, the people don't smell that bad anymore... but the smog (in Paris) is awful! I blew my nose after taking a walk, and well, it was gross... not because of a head cold... because I had breathed in so much gray stuff... eeeww... well, at least they bathe more now- they have to get the gray stuff off somehow... I'm sure it's better in the countryside,

happy reading,



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