Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Peek at Our Week

Well we finished reading The Light at Tern Rock this week.

Great book.  A bit of a tear jerker at the end.  It was a great reminder on forgiveness and what's important in life.  And it's pretty short, only 5 (kind of longish) chapters. Mackenzie seemed to like it.  She asked some pretty good questions so I'm sure she was listening. LOL

I think we're reading The Family Under the Bridge next.  I've been dying to read that one.

Must have been the week for tear jerkers.  We were reading about Moses for Bible.  And we were both sad when we got to the story where he died.  Mackenzie doesn't seem to be as "attached" to Joshua. 

We read the first story in Five True Dog Stories.  That Dox was one smart puppy!  Still don't want a dog though.

For history/social studies, we studied the different continents.  Nothing in depth just a look at some maps.  I was quite surprised at how into that Mackenzie was.  She liked the maps so much that we finished a weeks worth of "lessons" in two days.

Same thing with math this week.  She was really into and finished a few days early.  She was mad that there weren't anymore pages.  She got over it by teaching me how to add by ten's.  LOL  She's says I'm pretty good now.  She was really cute as my "teacher."

We are behind on science this week, as always.   We'll finish that up today after church.  We're studying trees and it's kind of hard when living in a place that doesn't have much more than palm trees. 

Now when we study frogs, we'll be good to go.  Tons and tons of frogs roaming around here. One night, on a walk, we stopped counting them when we hit one hundred.  We only walked a couple of streets.

Don't pick them up though, at least not without gloves.  Got some kind of poisonous thing going on with their skin.  Probably wouldn't kill ya, but if it some how gets in your mouth you aren't going to be feeling very good.

We totally skipped spelling this week.  Man we were really slackers. LOL 


EEEEMommy said...

"Slackers" like the rest of us! LOL

No matter how well we do, it seems that every week there is always at least one thing that we didn't get to! Sigh!

dawilli said...

Those pictures of green trees look so yummy!

It's brown and gray and cold up here still... more flurries on the way, daytime highs around 35 for the next few days (I have to remind my sons that that's only 3 degrees above freezing- they're ready for shorts and t-shirts!)

Kinda crazy about the frogs!



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