Thursday, March 9, 2006

My Daughter (flash back)

What can I tell you about my Mackenzie?

She's an only child.  (And not for any lack of trying on our part.  Trying to have another child has become like a full-time job.  I suppose there are worse jobs. LOL)

She's newly 5. I hate that number.

Why must they grow up?

We think she's beautiful...

She loves knock knock jokes.  She'll make you crazy with them.

Her personality shall I put it...Dramatic!!!!!!!  I believe a lot of people would define her as "spirited".  Maybe you've read that book.

She definately has a flair for the dramatic.  She's either really, really happy or really, really not.  If we lived near broadway, I'm sure she could get a job. ROFL

There's a slight chance her stubborness might come from me. Very slight though. LOL

She's also very, very loving.  She's more than happy to sit on your lap and receive lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles.  I hope that lasts for a while yet.  And she can say the sweetest thing sometimes.

She has  very big heart for our Lord.  I love that.   Her favorite book to read is one of her Bibles. Last March she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. It was so sweet and of course I was bawling.  I'm not sure she really understands what a big decision that is, so we're holding off on baptism until she's old enough to understand.

She can be very sensitive.  She's easily embarassed and gets upset when she feels embarassed.  It'll break your heart.

Her favorite toys are books, barbies, dress up clothes, and babies.  She's all girl.

She keeps busy with dance classes, swimming lessons, kindermusik, awana, and gymnastics.  It's amazing that we ever have time for school. LOL

She's also pretty smart.  She pretty much taught herself to read with some help from the leapfrog people. 

Kevin insisted that we had her tested in reading, so we did.  She reads at a mid-3rd grade level, spells at a late first grade level, and comprehends at a 4th grade level.

I already knew how well she could read, so that part wasn't a surprise. The spelling suprised me.  I thought she'd be lower.  I'm not buying the comprehension level so much.  After all, I do spend all day everyday with her.  I think she got lucky with her guesses. LOL

We feel very blessed to have the priviledge of being her parents.  If she's the only one we ever have, we'll continue to praise God for giving us the best that he had.

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now. 


Emily23 said...


Dini said...

Hey! You forgot to tell them that you have already picked out her future DH. Wouldn't want anyone else encroaching on Sam's territory, ROFL!

Prncsstefy said...

I've already arranged her marriage. LOL

We found a wonderful boy from a Christian family who's getting plenty of training dealing with high maintenance girls. He'll need it!!!

And her mother-in-law is a gem!!!!!!

Dini (aka, future MIL) said...

Awww, Stef, aren't you sweet! :-) "Gem" might be stretching it, and I hope I can be gracious enough to turn my sweet Sam over to Kenzie when the time comes. He is my baby, so it will be tough to let him grow and go.


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