Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: It's Been a While

Well summer break is officially over. Kayleigh started kindergarten (sob!) three weeks ago and Mackenzie has 2 weeks of seventh grade (double sob!) under her belt. I blogged about Kayleigh's first week but didn't had time to blog about Mackenzie's. I've been busy homeschooling and being a full-time pancreas for two defective ones. So I guess I'll play a bit of catch up.

Seventh Grade


Mackenzie is still drawing her way through the book of Proverbs and loving it. You can read all about the Notgrass Draw to Learn in my REVIEW of it.

She's also doing the Bible included with her Sonlight Core G. She's happily reading through the book of Mark. The last few years have had us reading a lot in the Old Testament and she was ready to move on to the New.  She's also using the International Children's Bible Field Guide which she is finding very interesting. Lots of fascinating Bible facts.


She's finishing up Math-U-See Zeta from last year and plowing through it rather quickly. Decimals are so each for a type 1 diabetic. We use them 3-6 times a day to figure out carbs and insulin doses. Easy peasy!

Language Arts

We are working on report writing in our IEW lessons. A little mini report on elephants. Report writing is easier on my because I only get the required amount of writing instead of the 300 squillion pages she turns in for a creative writing assignment. Yay me!!!

She's also enjoying IEW's Fix-It Grammar, Tom Sawyer. The first couple of weeks have been pretty easy for her but it'll be stepping up soon. Enjoy it while it lasts girlie. Ha!


We've started off of our year with ancient Egypt. We're reading lots of different books on the subject. She is LOVE, LOVE, LOVING her current reader, Mara Daughter of the Nile. She was hoping that there would be a sequel to it but no luck. Such disappointment. lol

To add in some fun, besides reading fabulous books, she's been using the Draw and Write Through History Books that pertain to what we're studying. I'm just having her do the drawing part. She doesn't need the copy work. Her first week had her drawing some things from the creation story. The bush and the tree were her favorite drawings. She said her Adam and Eve looked weird. I thought they were cute.  I know the phot is side ways. I'm too lazy to go back and fix it. lol You'll just have to tilt your head to the right for a better view.


She is using Exploring Creation for General Science this year and it is the first year that she's doing science independently. I wasn't sure how she would take to that but she is having a blast!! I was a little nervous about her doing experiments on her own but she's been doing awesome. And buying the student notebook to go along with was a great decision. It helps her get an idea of what to focus on and it is going to be a nice record of her experiments. Sonlight really should include that in their package. (Cuz mama would've liked to have gotten free shipping from ordering through Sonlight. lol)

I have to say... She rocks the "protective eye gear!"

She did do more than one experiment over the last two weeks but it would seem that the other photos are on my camera. You might recall, from the section entitled "History", that I'm feeling lazy. That's also the reason that I'm not going to take the time to explain the experiment to you like I normally would. Being a full time pancreas for two is exhausting because it involves lots of math and very little sleep. All of which suck the short term memory right out of your head because you can only remember things like blood glucose readings, carb ratios, correction factors, and carb counts. There's only so much room in there.


We didn't do any. We started slow. Soccer should be starting soon. And I'm planning on starting Spanish and art next week. I hope. Maybe. It could happen. Possibly. We'll see. Piano starts next week. Definitely.



We finished studying Joseph with our Bible Study Guide for All Ages and have moved on to Daniel. With that change came learning the song "Daniel in the Lions Den." You know the one... "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Daniel in the la la lions..." Huge hit!! She sings that one all of the time.

We were also reading through the Ergermeir's Bible Story Book, as part of Sonlight's Bible for Core A. It's a bit to much for her and she's not feeling it at all. So we're dropping it. Reading from the actual Bible with the Study Guide is apparently how she rules.

Don't you love being able to ditch what isn't working for your student? Homeschooling is so awesome!!!


We started it back up with lesson 9 of MUS Primer, place value. Hooray for Mr. Demme and Decimal Street!!!

Language Arts

Her All About Reading lessons continue to go well. The constant review and the game like nature of the lessons really click for her. She's got a lot of cards in her mastered pile. Go Kayleigh!!

 She is still loving The Boxcar Children. I am just thrilled that she is enjoying her first chapter book. One day she asked to make scrambled eggs for lunch like the Boxcar Children ate. So she was given the job of scrambling their eggs. Imagine her surprise when it turned out to be a tiny bit of work mixing them all up. LOL Heaven forbid!!

I should note that these eggs were NOT authentic Boxcar eggs. I added cheese to them. It had to be done and I won't apologize for it. We also ate toast. So there!

We started a new Nursery Rhyme Pocket for Little Miss Muffet. We haven't gotten very far with it yet. Just created the pocket and colored the rhyme sheet. She's excited to make a spider next week.

Curious George has entered our reading list and she is super excited about that. We've been doing some printable activities to go along with that. She loves George!


Conveniently, Kayleigh was studying ancient Egypt just like her big sister. She did quite a few "Egyptian" projects. She made "Egyptian" paper beads and made a necklace along with an "Egyptian" cuff bracelet. She also made us all Mummy Dogs for lunch.


We're supposed to be reading about weather but for the life of me I cannot find the book and it's driving me nuts. So we've been reading a bit from some of the books that were in the core when Mackenzie used it. Funny how the older ones didn't seem to go missing from the shelf.

We also are learning about frogs and we did a fun sequencing activity.


She refused to play soccer this year. It's just as well because she'd mostly sit on the sidelines and waited for snack. She's hinted at gymnastics so maybe. And her music class starts next week.

And that was our week(s). How was yours?


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Luke Holzmann said...

"Sonlight really should include [the student notebook" in their package. (Cuz mama would've liked to have gotten free shipping from ordering through Sonlight. lol)"

Passing that along to product development for consideration [smile].


Cristi said...

I remember thinking the same thing about the Egermeier's Bible when my two younger kids were doing Sonlight Core K (or whatever it's called now). My daughter did better with it as a first grader, especially when I slowed down to only reading one story per day. We're hoping to finish the whole thing by Christmas of her second grade year.

Michelle said...

Sooo love the Mummy Dogs! I really want to make those and do all the fun Egyptian things too - since we are studying Egypt! But, THIS mama is feeling LAZY, too! I'm inspired! :) Looks like you are off to a great new year!

Emmalee I. Hoggatt said...

We just started math u see this year and it is working well! Also like the stylish headband in the first photo! Stopping by from the Hoggatt Homeschool!


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