Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Draw to Learn by Notgrass

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Isn't it nice when you can combine two subjects with one resource? That's exactly what you're able to do with the Draw to Learn series from the Notgrass Company. Art and Bible study all-in-one. Awesome!!!

About Draw to Learn

The Draw to Learn series is designed to provide your student with an art curriculum and a Bible study in one easy-to-use product. Your child learns about God's truth while completing a variety of drawings.

The series contains 5 volumes, Draw to Learn Acts, Proverbs, Psalms, Letters of Paul, and Learn the Life of Jesus. Each volume contains 150 lessons and are available in print or digital format.
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It's so simple to use that your child can complete the lessons on their own. All they have to is:

Read the Bible passage.

Think about the meaning.

Draw a picture related to the passage.

Easy, right?

Our Experience

Mackenzie LOVES to draw so she was beyond thrilled when we received the print version of Draw to Learn Proverbs. The supplies that you need are minimal: a drawing pencil, a nice set of colored pencils, and, of course, the curriculum.

We started off by reading and discussing the passage together, then Mackenzie would draw a picture pertaining to the passage. Each lesson offered suggestions for what to draw. There will also suggestions at the front of the book on how to draw the pictures in general. Things like draw people first, use a model, and fill the entire page, for example.

Mackenzie was in love from the get go. Eventually, she stopped waiting for me to do the lesson with her and just did them. lol Then she'd show them to me and discuss what she learned. That method works well too.

What did Mackenzie think?

"I want to keep doing it for my Bible lessons. Forever."

Good thing they sent us the complete set in digital format. Her wish has been granted. But I would've gladly bought them all for her if they hadn't.


Website: http://www.notgrass.com/notgrass/

Age Range: All Ages

Pricing: $14.95 for print copies, $9.95 for digital format



Lynn P said...

I love Notgrass curriculum and have used a few of their core subject books. Thanks for sharing this one. I've had my eye on it in the catalog but now seeing how it's being used shows me that this may be a great add on to our school yr.. :)

John Notgrass said...

Thank you for reviewing our curriculum!


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