Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: See the Light Art Projects

 photo logo_zpsd9b498e2.gifArt can be an intimidating homeschool subject, especially if you ARE NOT artistic. Like me. ;)

Enter See the Light, a company who offers a variety of DVD art lessons. This non-artistic mom was super excited to be able to review Art Projects - Poppy Collage.

About See the Light

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Their motto, See the Light: Drawing Children to Him.  This ministry seeks to show children the love of Christ while teaching them skills along the way.  The have a variety of products. The DVD art classes teach children a wide range of skills and techniques, beginner to advanced. The Art Projects provide a years worth of projects drawn from famous artists. Finally, the Bible Stories DVD's allow your child to explore the Bible through Art.

Your student will learn tons of skills, history, and vocabulary with scripture and biblical principles woven throughout the lessons.

Our Experience

We received the Poppy Collage Art Project. Mackenzie would be working on an abstract poppy in the style of famed artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

The DVD is made up of an introduction and four lessons. Designed to for the student to complete one lesson a week, each DVD provides a month's worth of material. The lessons included: The Abstracted Flower Drawing, Tissue Paper Collage Technique, Layering Translucent Hues, and Fine Details to Create Interest.

We started off with the introduction, where we met our instructor, Master Artist Pat Knepley.  We were given an overview of the project, a list of supplies, and shown how to prepare for the first lesson. So we gathered our (easy to find) supplies, cut out a lot of tissue paper squares and were ready for Lesson 1.

In each lesson Pat Knepley demonstrates that week's lesson all while weaving a fascinating tale of the artists life. She included a lot of art terminology and wove biblical truths throughout the lesson. After watching each lesson we would start creating. Pat Knepley's step-by-step demonstrations made this a truly painless process.

These projects are a super easy way for a non-artsy parent to include art, artist study, and art history in their homeschool. The lessons were short, interesting, and easy to duplicate. There was nothing about them that we didn't love. Mackenzie liked it so much she wants to do another one in cool colors to match her bedroom.  The worst part? Deciding which project to tackle next...

Be sure to see the other great See the Light products that my Crew Mates reviewed by clicking the link at the bottom of the post..



Age Range: 10+

Pricing: $14.99


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