Wednesday, November 28, 2012

L is for... Laugh

Having two children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2 months is overwhelming and heart breaking, to say the least. Since neither one of those feelings are particularly enjoyable for me, I often turn to laughter to lighten the mood.  So this week I'm sharing some of my favorite diabetes funnies that help our entire family laugh in the face of this life changing disease.

This cracks me up every time. And not only is it funny, it's also true.

Bwaaa haaa haaaa!!! Love this!

My daughter's special dance for when she gets a decent blood sugar reading. Sadly, she rarely gets to use it because diabetes is STUPID.



Kelly Burgess said...

You made me laugh and cry in the same post. STOP IT! Seriously, the videos were hysterical, and I laughed pretty hard, but watching Mac dance the 118 dance made me cry for their daily struggles. Love you all *SO* much. (((HUGS))) 'cause that's about all I can offer!

Desiree said...

I loved the videos. I have been following your diabetes posts, and I think it's an amazing story how it was first discovered in your older girl. What great friends you have. I am a pretty "new" diabetic too, but type 2, it didn't go away after my last pregnancy. I can relate in a lot of ways. I'm always watching for signs in my children. Glad you can find some humor in this huge life changing time. Blessings!


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