Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One That Was Difficult

It was another busy week. Somehow we managed to survive.



This week we were studying pinnipeds in science. Seals, walruses, manatees, and such. We also had a field trip to the local air and space center. What does the air and space center have to do with aquatic life you ask? Nothing but they have an IMAX theater and they were showing Under the Sea in 3D for homeschool appreciation day. So we got to see an awesome film and wander around the museum. I'm going to be completely honest and say that this is my least favorite museum, except for the IMAX. Yawn! lol The only flying vehicle I'm interested in is the one that's jetting me off to somewhere fabulous.

Afterwards, we went to our friends house to do our science "co-op." We worked on our whale activities from out last lesson. They added some whales to their ocean box and did a few activities. One thing we did was  measure out the sizes of different whales.

This was where it got difficult. It was really like pulling teeth. lol The tape measure was only 50' long and many whales are longer than 50'. So we had to mark out 50' feet and start measuring again from the 50' point. You'd have thought we asked them to perform brain surgery, the pretty little dears.  Child A, you're the beginning of the whale. Stand there and don't move. Child B, you're the 50' point. Stay there so we can measure out another 40'. Child C, measure another 40' starting from Child B. Sounds simple right? One would think two 11 year olds, a ten year old, and an 8 year old could handle that, right? Getting these four to get this done was like herding cats. They couldn't stay in their spots. lol Sheesh! Finally we got it down but the mom's were ready for a stiff drink by the time we were done. Poor us!


One more lesson in MUS Epsilon. Happy, happy, happy dance.


Almost finished with our last lesson in Growing With Grammar. Happy, happy, happy dance. Since we're not doing our Sonlight yet, I have her reading a biography on Monet as her reader. Since we're doing an artist study on him and all.

Other Stuff

We almost finished with our artist study on Monet. Mackenzie is working on finishing up the Monet components of our World's Greatest Artist lapbook. No pictures though. Maybe next week.

In the sports world, she's won four out of four soccer games so far. I'm not sure how much help she was with all the ducking from the ball that she did. lol

Her favorite school activity of the week... stuff she got to do with her little sis and a review product.


Kayleigh has had a busy week too. And she's working on two review items that she loves. Our letter focus was E and her bible verse was "Even a child his known by his deeds." Proverbs 20:11. I love the Raising Rock Stars Bible printables. This time around we're using the song sheets found in the kindergarten bundle.

She did a really fun stuff in First Language Lessons. We were reading a poem about fireflies all week and that included some narration and creative expression activities. She "wrote" a story about fire flies and she was supposed to draw a picture of fireflies. I decided to nix the drawing and do this adorable firefly craft that I saw on Pinterest. All you need is some paper, goggly eyes, glue, and colorful band aids. Who knew there were so many uses for band aids? I typed up her little firefly story and glued it on her picture. So cute!!!

Her story reads...

"There were three fireflys. They were flying and flashing. They were Baby Face, Googly-Eye Face, and Wing Face. They were flying to the woods to find treasure. And it was food. It was chocolate coins. It made them chocolaty and all crazy. They danced and shaked their booties."

She also used the iPad app, ABCs of God, for her All About Reading letter practice. I like that app because it works on upper and lower case letters. And it includes Bible verses. Triple win!

We had a fabulous good time with her Sonlight books. We read a story about a puppy and made "Puppy Chow." Lemonade flavor instead of tradition chocolate peanut butter. We read another story about a greedy baker who needed to be taught a lesson so we practiced counting coins. And putting the bowl on our head. In the Berenstain Bears Book of science we read about fall and the moon so we made leaf rubbings and then made the phases of the moon out of Oreos.

Naturally Mackenzie was involved in all activities that involved food. She loves it. She would bake something every day if I let her. I don't want to be expand around the middle anymore than I already have or I'd let her. lol

She drew a picture of her sister for her Artistic Pursuits lesson. She didn't want to give her hair but she finally gave in when Mackenzie got emotional. lol Good times!

Finally she did some handwriting. A little bit in her work book and we worked with the wooden pieces and made the capital letters that we've "studied" so far.  Also pictured below: Some math sheet, and a couple shots from the air and space center. Notice that she and her sock monkey were going on a trip. To Africa, I think. They made it back safely.

So that's pretty much what we've been up to. How did your week go?


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Ambra said...

I love her cute firefly story! I've only ever done narration with my almost 5 year old. I'll have to start writing down his stories! I love recording the cute way they talk and think at this age!

Desiree said...

We did some Oreo cookie moons recently too! We didn't put them around an earth though, that's a good idea. How funny about the measuring. Sometimes I think it would be nice if we could glue their shoes where we want them to stay! Lol!

Kelli Becton said...

looks like a great giggly week to me!

Melissa said...

love the firefly band aids!!! Looks like another fab week!

myapplesofgoldblog said...

Love the idea of measuring out the sizes of the whales! The science coop looks fun! How did you get started in a coop?


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