Monday, September 17, 2012

C is for... Chaos

We are within two weeks of our closing date on our new house. So it's a tad chaotic over here at the Smith household. For realz! Chaos is reigning supreme.

First off, I'm trying to pack while schooling my children and running them around to all of their activities. It is a certified disaster zone around here. Boxes are every where. In every room. Walls of boxes.

Enter at your own risk. Oh my!

We also have a list of things that we have to get done outside of packing. So I think I'm going to  switch to C is for Crunch Time from here on out.

In our current house we've got a long list of things we need to do to get it ready to rent out. Scrubbing, carpet cleaning, painting, some minor repairs. Not to mention find some renters and a rental company that we trust.

There is also the ever growing list of things we need for the new house. Lamps, ceiling fans, appliances, paint, bedroom furniture, a fence and on and on. None of which we can buy because the banker says no shopping until after the closing. He's no fun.

Maybe C is for Crazy is a better description? lol So how's it going at your house?



Twisted Cinderella said...

Boy do i understand what you are going through! Hats off to you for continuing to do school in the midst of it all

Kym Thorpe said...

Hope the chaos settles down soon! But it's all for a good cause in moving into your new digs! ;-)

Chris Tilley (@hhtales) said...

We moved last year into a smaller house. It was great but we had to de-clutter an amazing amount. At this point I was just stuffing boxes into a shipping container like mad. For the last stuff we got a large truck that we thought would be plenty for what was left. 3 truck load later... Glad we were only moving into town.

Our Country Road said...

I just can't wait to see you all settled in your new place!!!

Leslie said...

OH man! I hope to be where you are soon. Our house is for sale and that is a pain too. I'm ready to move and be settled again! Good luck with your move!

8)(8 said...

When we moved in the spring we took time off and then my daughter studied through the month of August to finish her online math class. It was too chaotic and stressful.

Don't forget to look in consignment shops for furniture. There are really great finds out there, and color can be easily changed with paint.


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