Monday, August 20, 2012

Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop: Student Week

This week is student week on the Not-Back-to School Blog Hop. So without further ado, here are the students of the Sonlight Academy for Girls.

Sonlight Academy for Girls 2012-2013 Class Roster

Favorite Subject: Sonlight

Least Favorite Subject: anything with "Winter Joke" Promise

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

Favorite Music: One Direction

Loves to: read, piano, art

One Word Description: DRAMA!

Favorite Subject: Snack

Least Favorite Subject: Coloring

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Book: Three Sleepy Kittens

Favorite Song: All in All (or Jesus Lamb of God as she calls it)

Loves: rocks, tape measures, and small dolls with hair to brush

One Word Description: Crazy!



Karen said...

I love this! Love how they wrote their names and the 'facts' you told about each. Hoping this is an amazing "Not Back To School" year. :)

Michelle said...

haha! Cute descriptions and photos!

Prairie Jenn said...

How creative! I love how you did this and highlighted each of the girl's interests:)

Desiree said...

That's cute how you had them write their names. Can't wait to get our pictures up.


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