Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where 3 Manly Dudes Pile Out of a Girly Van

Since last week I only blogged about Mackenzie's week, I'm mainly going to focus on Kayleigh this week.  But rest assured, broken ankle or not, school continued on for Mackenzie.


We wound up taking to another ER because getting her in with an orthopedic doctor through the system turned out to be impossible.  She still wouldn't have seen anyone had we done it that way.  My husband wound up taking her to the military hospital's ER where they have an actual ortho on call for the ER.  What a novel idea!!! They xrayed her, put on a real cast, and they gave her pain meds.  First time our military health care worked for us. lol

As for Kayleigh, we've been just rolling along.  Slowly.  Taking our time.  Doing school or not.  Mostly not.  We've been working on what's to follow for a couple of weeks.  Because we can.  Or we didn't feel like it.  Or Charlie and Lola was on.  Or a bike ride sounded like a better idea.  Or whatever.

Raising Rock Stars Preschool and All About Reading

We've been working on N for the last couple of weeks.  (See the reasons above.)  Because of our lack of progress RRSP and AAR are still lined up for the moment.  So I'm lumping them together for this post. They might not be next week.  Who knows?  We throw the best of plans to the wind on a whim. LOL

The length of the verse was not to her liking.  She hung it on the wall any way.  The craft was a win-win  her book.  Watercolor paints and glitter.  I wasn't as thrilled because paint + glitter = big mess for me to clean up.

Of course, I could've done the project however I wanted, lol, but I'm trying to be a good mom and let her enjoy school and fun projects.  But now my school room is covered in gold glitter despite repeated vacuuming.  Sigh...

She was still working on getting ready for syllables in All About Reading.  They did this by having you break up a compound word, like "Sunshine" and saying each part separately pausing between the words.  Then the child had to say them together to guess the "new word."  It took Kayleigh a few minutes to figure out what I wanted but once she figured it out she was gung-ho.  We repeated this a lot. What a great idea!  I would've never thought of teaching syllables like that.

I do have to say that the AAR animal for the letter N was a stretch.  They chose Nanny goat.  Seriously.  What a silly choice. She just kept saying goat because what small child says nanny goat? LOL And to her, goat starts with g.  How about nightingale or newt? The Nanny goat was referred to as goat each and every time she saw it. lol  She did LOVE the rhyme from the book and the craft (color the goat and glue on foil "tin cans" but she'd never say it started with N.



You Can Read

We are still working on unit 3 of You Can Read.  Part of the issue has been we just haven't been schooling consistently for those pesky reasons.  They other part of the reason is that she just wants to call "my" "you or me."  It's always a surprise.  LOL  We've been having fun with the unit though. We broke out the nerf guns and rolled (our education cubes with YCR inserts) and shot our words.  HUGE hit!  I totally recommend it.  Seriously.  Do it today.  And we've been working on some of the activities included with the unit.

For Fun

Mackenzie, a Webkinz nut, saw that the Webkinz Road Trip was coming to a local museum.  So we went.  With her broken ankle.  Like that would stop her.

There are only a couple of things that I want to say about it.  First, you leave there with a TON of FREE Webkinz stuff.  Massive amounts.  Please see how full my friends arms are.  Then note that all of the kids were also carrying stuff and I had a bag full of stuff.  That's a lot of FREE stuff.  (On a side note, all of the kids were very well occupied with Webkinz activities for the evening.  I call that a double win.)

Most important...Please take a good look at the Webkinz van behind my daughter.  Notice the festive and somewhat girly colors.  Then imagine our surprise when the van rolled up to the curb and three manly-type dudes pile out. (You can see a couple of the dudes in the pictures.)  My friend and I were cracking up.  Our minds were reeling. We had so many questions. Especially once we found out that they've been doing this for two years.  How did you wind up with this gig?  And why? What keeps you road trippin' in this girly van? Do you like to play Cash Cow when you're not driving?  Do you tell potential dates about your job right away? So much to find out.

We fully intended to find out, dear readers, but we failed.  It got really hot, really quickly and we had to bug out.  We don't do that kind of muggy heat. It's not in our skill set. Plus it was about to start pouring for the hundredth time.

I'm so sorry that you'll have live without that knowledge.  Next time...I promise.  I'll be watching for their return and we won't leave until Neil from Merritt, Georgia spills his guts.  Unless it's hot, muggy, and ready to down pour.  Then we bail.  Again. Just keepin' it real.




Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOL You didn't find out? Aw, man. ;)

Poor Kenz! I guess the ankle isn't slowing her down too much. Is she still in pain? What a memory for the new house, huh?

I LOVE the idea with the Nerf gun! I was going to put up words that Sam's been having stumbles on in his Henry and Mudge books, but I couldn't find ANY of the gazillions of darts we used to have! ((sigh)) Perhaps when I get into town again. Sam will love shooting words down! LOL

Mary Prather said...

I'm so happy you linked with Collage Friday this week. It was fun to get a peek into your homeschool. That Webkinz stuff looks interesting - funny, too, because both of my kids have had a renewed interest in Webkinz the past two weeks. I wonder if this is coming to ATL any time soon?

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

I've enjoyed hearing a bit about your week!
Side note: Your blog is so pretty!

Leah C said...

A Webkinz Road Trip. Wow! I have some little people who would like that! Looks like some fun reading activities. I can sympathize about the glitter. :(

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a Webkinz road trip. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Glad your big girl got the care she needed.

Kym Thorpe said...

NANNY goat? Really? LOL

I had no idea there was a Webkinz Road trip, but now I will have to find out if it's coming anywhere around here, because 1) Kennady loves Webkinz, especially free ones; and 2) I am very curious about the manly men on the tour. LOL

Modest Mama said...

Oh gosh! My brother is a huge manly man with tattoos and everything and he ADORES webkinz. I could totally see him in that van.

Mary said...

You always crack me up! Another great week for you I see :)


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