Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Good and the Bad

The Good:

We are finished with our Sonlight studies for the year.  Woot!  We ended after week 18 so we'll pick that up again in August.  Russia was the last country that we studied so I think we might make some kind of Russian craft or cook a Russian dish.

I've also decided that we are finished with some of our extras like Latin, composer study, and probably spelling

The Bad:  

We'll miss our Sonlight books.  I'm sure she'll spend a lot of time rereading books from other cores.  She alway does.  We are still going to finish up math and science in their entirety.  That shouldn't be too much longer.  I still haven't made up my mind about grammar yet, so we'll keep going for now.

The Good:

We made a impromptu trip to Mount Vernon.  That made my camera happy.

The mansion beyond the green

The back of the mansion

George and Martha's final resting place

The Pioneer Farm

And the funky 16-sided barn

The Bad:

Mackenzie can't walk and read a map at the same time.  So she twisted her ankle a bit.  Turns out this was a bit of foreshadowing of the rest of our week.

Drama follows wherever we go

The Good:

It was recital week at our co-op.  We enjoyed our friend's choir concert and Mackenzie rocked her piano recital.  And there was a little art show with their artwork.  


The Bad: 

When I went to record her second piece I apparently didn't hit the record button after all.  So I only have one song.  I'm heart broken because it was a really difficult piece and she played it to perfection.  I'm going to record her playing it here but it's just not the same.  Wahhhhh!!

But you can enjoy her rendition of Hunters' Chorus by von Weber.

The Good:

Piano and art end for the year next week.  I'm excited to have on less place to be.

The Bad:

We love Ms. Lewis and will miss her over the summer.  She's the best piano teacher EVER!

The Good:

We had a fun day at Busch Garden's celebration our friend's birthday.

The Bad:

The Birthday Boy wound up feeling a little under the weather.  =o(

The Good:

Mackenzie made a bit of cash courtesy of the tooth fairy.

The Bad:

She lost it while in bed and she looked like this when she came down the stairs to tell us.  Small heart attack.

The Good:

My dad and his wife came into town for Mackenzie's piano recital.  She was so excited.  And we got to take them to see our new house-in-progress.  The realtor was busy and told us we could go walk around without her anyway.

The Bad:

While we were inside the builder came in.  Awkward!  But he was cool with it.  (Although I'm not sure that he didn't give the realtor the business later. lol)  He showed us different things, had us pick locations for phone/computer/cable jacks (ugh! more decisions), and answered all of our questions.  And he posed for a picture with me.  Cuz I need it for my book.

His last name is Smith too.  I should've asked for a family discount.

The Bad:

Mackenzie slipped on the stairs last night and had to go to the ER because we though it might be broken.  Being that actually doctors don't ever set foot in the ERs around here anymore (please note my eye roll and angry huff), we're still not sure if it was broken.  She'll have to go to an orthopedic doctor next week to find out for sure.  In the meantime she has a temporary cast, crutches, and orders to stay put.

The Good: 

This happened after her recital and after she had to ride the brand new coaster at Busch Gardens.

She was an emotional wreck last night but has her emotions under control today.  Poor dear! And her friend stopped by with treats and books to cheer her up.




Our Side of the Mountain said...

Mackenzie! Wow! She definitely had a up-and-down week, huh? I hope it's not broken and she'll be fine in a couple of weeks. Poor girl! But her piano-playing was beautiful!

Paige said...

Poor Mackenzie! I hope she feels better soon :). Glad you made it through your roller coaster week, hopefully the next one will be better!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

What a week, oh my! I hope Mackenzie isn't in pain and heals quickly. You must always have your camera ready to be able to capture things like that tooth out picture.

Tim @ Families Again said...

What a week! And I thought I had a tough one. Nothing like you guys and especially poor Mackenzie! I'll be praying that next week is better and nothing is seriously wrong with Mackenzie's foot.

Tim from the Crew

Kym Thorpe said...

Looks like you had a much nicer day weather-wise at Mount Vernon than we did!

Poor Mackenzie - I likely would have fainted at the blood. LOL Hope her foot is NOT broken and that it heals up quickly!

Mary said...

Wow- poor Mackenzie!! Praying it isn't broken!

Love the Mt. Vernon pictures! We are leaving for our road trip in less than three weeks- Mt. Vernon is on our list! Woot! Thanks for the preview!

'Susan Godfrey said...

Poor Mackenzie! I love the way you did this post, fun! Mount Vernon looks fantastic...would love to see it some day.


Marcy Crabtree said...

I think you packed a month's worth of activity into the week!

We love Mount Vernon! Seeing those pics makes me want to go back!

Hope your girl is feeling better!

Modest Mama said...

Your poor sweet girl!

I love the good/bad exchange. Great idea!


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