Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up/ Tot School: Semi-Spring Break

In Our Homeschool This Week:
This week Mackenzie was on a semi-spring break.  What on earth is a semi-spring break?  For us it’s dropping our normal studies and working only on review items.  It wasn’t a total cake walk because we are reviewing quite a few items at the moment.  There was a lot of science, some writing, literature, and history.   Some things we are liking more than others. There is one item we are ready to be done with.  LOL Soon, real soon. 
Here’s some pictures, but no details yet!  Sorry.



Kayleigh was working on the letter I this week.  This was another one that we have already completed in Raising Rock Stars Preschool so our we focused on All About Reading and continuing on with our first You Can Read unit.  We also added in a few things from 1+1+1=1’s Pretty Bugs pack, but we called them insects to go along with I. lol

In All About Reading…
I put random items in a bag and she had to pull them out one at a time and come up with a word, real or silly, that rhymed with the item.  She had tons of fun with this and did it about 5 times.  “Zecora” helped of course. Her crafted involved coloring an inchworm picture and gluing yarn scarves on the worms.  I’m not sure how inchworms and scarves go together but those were the instructions.  She loved it.  She made Ii out of Wikki Stix again but I didn’t get any pictures.

You Can Read…
I am happy to report that she has all four words in this unit down. Not only could she read them during our activities, she was able to find them and read them in some of our books.  She is soooo proud!!!  Her favorite activity was rolling our education cube, reading the word, and then crossing it off the magna doodle.  She loved, loved, loved it.  She also did a “sight word search” from YCR.  I cut and laminated small word cards and hid them in rice.  She was supposed to find them with her tongs, read them, and then place them on the graph.  The rice was too distracting.  She just wanted to play with the rice. LOL
Other Stuff…
Ii maze (download all 26 letter mazes HERE), stickers on numbers, Kumon Number book, Kumon sticker book, Kumon Let’s Cut!
DSC_0053a DSC_0075aDSC_0107a
Working on the insect preschool pack
Drawing her sister with a “big head”
Her words. lol

In Our Life This Week:

Mackenzie has taken to “tormenting” her guinea pig.  Bwaaa haaa haaaa!!
Our realtor called and wanted us to come and pick out exterior because the builder wants to start building early, even though we’re not closing until October.  We raced out there.  And drove by our lot again.  Mackenzie wrote our name on the sign and we admired the newly placed flags for the gas line.  And the bulldozer parked near by. We are practically stalking the place. lol

Winter “Promise” is promoting the new catalog.  I laughed so hard that I cried.  Be sure to click on the screen shot so you can read my thoughts.
And if you don’t understand why I feel that way, click HERE to read about our adventures ridiculous debacle with WP.  It shows the posts from most recent to oldest, so you’ll want to start at the end and work your way forward. 


Andra said...

You are probably single handedly responsible for the changes in WP's Children Around the World....future generations will write songs about you serving Don his giant slice of humble pie.

Kym Thorpe said...

ROFL at the Winter Promise catalog! And at the guinea pig costume. Nice.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Ha! Ha! That guinea pig dress is a riot!

Poor WP! :( LOL

I'm getting a little overwhelmed with reviews! I skipped the last one, but then got that e-mail so I did the newest. ;) I'm trying to get the ones done or started that we have now though. We're having fun with them and the kids like giving their own THOUGHTS. ;)

Oh, and the blue hiking boots are Sam's. Would you believe that ONLY the kid's sizes had BLUE? ((sigh)) Jake and I got the same color and Cati got brown. (Cati and mine were in the outlet and I saved $$$, but they didn't have Jake or Sam's sizes. Probably more info than you cared to know! LOL)

MissMOE said...

Looks like you work hard to create a fun learning environment for your girls! And about WP----Good for You! I ordered from them one time about 5 years ago. Talked to Don several times--he seemed just so clueless. Sounds like nothing has changed since then. I recently read a post on a homeschool forum about how the company is all hype and no substance, so I can't imagine them being around for that much longer.

Discovering Montessori said...

The guinea pigs outfit is too cute! Congratulations on building your own house!! Lots of fun ideas. Thank you for sharing the letter mazes. Looks like you guys have so much fun.

Lisa said...

The guinea pig's outfit is just TOO cute! :-)

Your children's smiles say it all. You are obviously giving them such wonderful hands-on learning! Awesome! You put a lot of work into it and it definitely shows. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Many blessings, Lisa

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

I really enjoyed reading about your week--and the pictures, too!
My children have dwarf hamsters as pets. So far, no costumes, though! :-)

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

My girls both giggled at your guinea pig.

Lauren said...

I loved your reading and language ideas for your youngest. Your comment on the rice activity was too funny!

April said...

That is one cute guinea pig!

Missouri Mama said...

I'm trying to figure out what science product you're reviewing based on the pictures. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Our Country Road said...

A week off to focus on review products. I like that idea! I might have to try that one. Love the guinea pig, so cute!!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I know what you mean about having a lot of reviews going on! I am planning to take next week and work on those and some Easter projects instead of our regular schedule:)

Oh, and I had to chuckle over the guinea pig photo:D

Mary said...

Oh my- poor Guinea Pig! LOL

Hahaha - the only thing I use WP for anymore is the book lists.

Linda Noullet Irwin said...

Your Winter Promise comments are so Stef style!

And I LOVE that star sticker the numbers. I might have to snitch that idea for my homeschool co-op prek Class. I think they would like that. Well the older two girls would. they like stuff like that more than my boys in the class.


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