Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tot School: Kayleigh and P-Dub

This week, we worked on the letter H.  We have already covered this letter with our Raising Rock Stars curriculum so we continued to work on our first You Can Read unit in lieu of RRSP. Since we’re talking about H this week, I think my first photo will be of the Highlight of Kayleigh’s week…



She got to meet The Pioneer Woman, who was in town for a book signing.  Kayleigh is a huge fan of her muffins that taste like donuts.  She was so thrilled because “she held my back because I wuv her.”  And she also told me that she is going to live with her and her horsies and Charwie the dog.  She’ll definitely eat better at P-Dubs house.  Maybe she’ll even stop being picky. 


In other news…

She made some great progress with her first You Can Read Unit. She has three of the for words down cold  She is still having with “see” but she knows “and, a, the.”  So exciting!!  We’re going to continue on with this unit next week since there are so many fun ways to practice them. Here’s what she did this week.

She did a dot-to-dot type page.  She’d read the word, connect the dots, then name the shape. We put cards with the words in the pocket chart and she “built” the words underneath.  Read the word, traced the line to the matching word.  Did a sight word “puzzle.”  Circled the words, written in fancy fonts, with different colors. Played “swat the sight word.”  We used our education cubes with YCR inserts, then rolled, read, smacked.  She LOVED that!  Lastly we played “Scoop the Sight Word” using our Scooping Letters game.  I can’t find the game anywhere online but you could use ping pong balls and make one yourself. 





We continued practicing rhyming in All About Reading.  She had a blast with the craft because it involved paint and glitter.  Double win in Kayleigh’s book.  We worked with letters A-H using shaving cream (she asked for it again) and wikki stix.  She was madly in love with the wikki stixs. Oh my!



Other random stuff…

She practice her numbers with her Kumon booked.  Played “fashionista” by sorting the clothes by different shades.


Banged around in her Melissa and Doug magnetic ABC book.  Sorted shapes with her Lauri Shape Stacker.


Find tuned her cutting skills with her Kumon book. She still has trouble unless it’s a straight line.  She also helped Mackenzie with a science project.


We found a fun project in our Artistic Pursuits book that went along with our H study.  We read Harold and the Purple Crayon and then Kayleigh drew her own adventure on a large piece of paper.  She had the best time with this and drew for a long time.


Next week we move on to I, which is another one that we’ve already done in RRSP, so we’ll be mixing it up again.




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Our Country Road said...

Wow!!! How fun to meet Ree!! I love that Kaleigh knows who she is! Looks like you had a great week, too!


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