Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up The One With Double Science



This week’s wrap-up is a two-for-one since I didn’t get around to writing one last week. 

In My Life These Last Two Weeks…

My little fifth grader went and turned 11 last week so I just ran out of time for blogging.  This week has really been no better on time, as the wee one turned four today, but what can you do?  Next week is their party so I’m sure that will be crazy too.  lol

Mackenzie got to start her special day with birthday cake batter pancakes for breakfast, open her presents, take a trip to the mall where she surprised us by wanting to get her eyebrows done (for REALZ!  Can you believe it? lol I was so thankful that I had brought my camera.)  And she ended the day with a delicious dinner at Carrabba’s. 

2012_Mack_Bday-40 2012_Mack_Bday-112012_Mack_Bday-122012_Mack_Bday-17

What’s Not Working For Us…

It’s not that there is anything not working for us this week, it’s just that we had planned a Disney Cruise for the family that would have left today.  Except that we’re not on it.  We found a house that we really, really, really LOVE (as opposed to the townhouse with no yard we currently occupy) so we decided to hold off on the cruise and put the money toward being able to buy the new place.  And it’s really cold and rainy today.  Boo!  Okay, whine over.  lol  I reserve the right to whine again if I’m not living in a new house within the next ten months.  In that case I’ll be taking a two week cruise. lol

 In Our Homeschool the Last Couple of Weeks…

We’ve been doing lots and lots of fun science stuff.  We’re winding up our unit on blood and it’s been in-ter-est-ing.  Apologia science rocks!

We were talking about the importance of iron in your blood and how a lot of foods were iron fortified for this reason.  Then we did this really cool, and crazy simple, experiment showing the iron in our food.

Step 1: Get some iron fortified cereal and crush it real fine.  DSC_0279a

DSC_0283aStep 2:  Drop a magnet into the bag of crushed cereal and shake.

Step 3: Pull out the magnet and observe all of the iron stuck to it.  Amazing. DSC_0289a

She also drew a model of blood.  Not as exciting as the model made out of the candy but she still did a good job.  And the candy model stuck with her so she was able to draw it lickety-split.


The coolest thing was typing her blood.  That’s right, we typed her blood.  And I got to poke her with a lancet so she was a tad unnerved at the thought.  (And I’m going to admit to being a tad excited because she had been mouthy that day. lol)  Of course, it doesn’t really hurt much but she didn’t know that. After you put samples on the designated card spots you have to tilt the card in four directions for 10 seconds each direction. Then you have to compare the results to the samples in the instructions.




It appeared to us that she is O positive. Unless we screwed something up.  It was pretty cool.


In other schooling, we are down to just one math program as our review time on the other two is up.  She is still enjoying playing Math Rider and I only have one left to finish. Woot!  We are loving what we’re reviewing for Bible and our China study is going well. Not only are we enjoying our reading (Eric Liddell, Young Fu and the Upper Yangtze, and God’s Adventurer) but our maps are still accurate.  Totally awesome!  Way to go Sonlight!!

Places We’re Going…

We went to the symphony this week.  It was FAB-U-LOUS!!  Especially the last piece.


They ended with a bang!





Our Side of the Mountain said...

Happy birthday to the girls! It's a big birthday week here too! Jake turns 13. ((cries))

The blood typing is REALLY cool! I'm A+! LOL

Have you guys completed Apologia Astronomy? We're not really digging it this year! We only have 65 more pages to go, but I'm not sure we'll complete them. It doesn't have the same feel as her later books.

Brittney said...

Happy birthday to your girls!

My son would love the cereal experiment! Not so much for the iron, but just because he's interested in magnets right now! ;)

Paula said...

I love the blood typing! I may have to do that next year when we learn about the human body! Looks like you are making science a very fun learning experience.

Paige said...

Looks like a fun week, happy birthday to your girls!

Alicia said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Sorry you are not on that Disney cruise but, a new home sounds like a good trade-off!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters!

Loved you science experiment but, could never pull that off here - I would probably pass out before I could get any of their blood on the card.

Mary said...

Science looks really fun- I can't wait to do the Apologia Anatomy.

Mozi Esmé said...

Beautiful princess, and it sounds like a fun week! I LOVE the cereal experiment! We've done lots with magnets, but I never thought of using cereal.

Here's to a great new house!


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