Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tot School: Two-For-One

Kayleigh is…gasp…FOUR!



It’s a busy time at our house in February.  Double birthdays.  Both my little monster disobeyed my orders and got a year older. Can you believe it?  At any rate.  All this birthday fun has gotten in the way of my blogging so this week you get two weeks for the price of one.  Well, sort of, it actually took us 2 weeks to complete one week’s worth of lessons.  Birthday errands and field trips cutting into our regular schedule.


Raising Rock Stars

We have been working on the letter E with this unit.  Our verse was “Even a child is known by his deeds.”  Interestingly enough, this verse seemed to speak to Kayleigh.  On at least 4 occasions she went out of her way to be extra helpful.  Cool!  Although, as you can tell by the picture, she found the length of the verse offensive. lol



All About Reading

Along with E, we worked more on rhyming.  She is getting better at it with each activity.  For our craft we colored the elephant picture and made peanuts for him using her finger prints.  So simple yet so cute!  For our tactile letter experience, she made E on the geo-board.  She liked it so much that she made A-C too.

DSC_0250aDSC_0257a DSC_0613a



We’ve finished up with fairy tales for the moment and have moved onto some science with the Flip-flop Body Book.  I thought she’d be upset with that, seeing as she’s a princess-loving girly girl, but I was wrong.  She is so into that book.  She especially enjoys rereading that page that shows where the food travels once it enters your mouth.  We have read those pages at least 20 times of the last couple of weeks. lol

Other Stuff

In other news we have continued to use resources from 1+1+1=1’s ABC Animals, activities from our Letter of the Week stash from COAH, and we started a fun Valentine pre-k pack from Over the Big Moon along with a few other sources.

We played Elephant ABC bingo using our LOTW inserts for our Education Cubes and a printable from PreKinders. She did a wonderful job on a color-by-number page.  Surprising since she usually balks at coloring. 


She worked in several of her Kumon books.  She loves them.



Some of our LOTW activities and a number sorting card game that I picked up in the Target dollar spot a while back.


ABC Animals tracing and craft.  She was singing her heart out while she was painting the letter sheet. lol


She used the shape builders that came with our Grasshopper Prep Kit.  That was a lot of fun.  She couldn’t believe that she “built” a scooter. lol


She was supposed to dot paint and elephant but wanted to color it instead.  Weird!  Then she dot painted E’s (ABC Twiggles) and then we counted shapes on an elephant.(Making Learning Fun.)  She stamped the answers with number stamps.


Now for our Valentine fun.  I’ll start with her favorite thing.  Heart Measuring.  I first saw this idea on a pinterest but there was no printables with it.  Wahh!  So I made my own.  And I decided to use something other than cubes for measuring.  I went with candy hearts!  She lives for “candy heart school.”    You can download the printables by clicking on the picture below.  It includes the answer sheet and heart shapes for measuring.  Although the shapes pictured are just ones that I cut out of colored paper to save on printer in.


Both of my girls loved this activity.  Probably because they got to eat the manipulatives.  Since Kayleigh doesn’t write very well yet.  I just let her stamp the answers using number stamps.


Another pinterest find was this cute little Valentine stamping idea using toilet paper tubes.


From the Valentine pre-k pack



A trip to the symphony


And my shy little birthday girl.  She gets very embarrassed by the birthday attention.  Her party next week should be interesting.



Brittney said...

Happy Birthday! She's a doll! I love all of her facial expressions!

Allison said...

I love that she was singing her heart out while working. :)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Happy birthday, Kayleigh! (Is she wearing Christmas PJs? Cute! LOL)

Wow! I'm impressed with all the work she does...even for 2 weeks!

Jenn said...

They grow up so fast! I can't believe mine are 10 and 12 seems like they yesterday when they were 4. It looks like you are enjoying every moment though:)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Kayleigh! Be careful, 4 goes really fast! How far are you into P3/4? Will you being doing P4/5?


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