Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With the Blood

In My Life This Week: 

We’re back to cheerleading and basketball now which means an extra night out of the house for practice. During this season I find myself dreaming and thinking in “cheer.”  Always a good time. lol This year I’m attempting to teach the cheerleaders a dance routine.  It’s proving to be quite interesting.  I should probably take some video before they get good at it.

In Our Homeschool This Week: 

We’ve started reviewing something new for Bible, Who Am I? from Apologia’s What We Believe series.  Like all things Apologia, it is really well done and Mackenzie LOVES it.

This week was our first week Growing With Grammar.  It’s going well.  It’s very different than First/Advanced Language Lessons.  For starters, it’s very independent, there’s very little involvement required from me.  That’s kind of nice.  She reads the text then completes the practice pages.  And there are even tests every seven lessons or so.  Mackenzie seems to like it.  Probably because it’s not much of a challenge for her. It’s definitely not as in depth as ALL.  I probably could’ve put her into level 6.

In social studies we finished up Korea.  We’re almost finished with Tales of a Korean Grandmother.  Mackenzie is still getting a hold of it and reading on her own.  Always a sign of a good book.  For her “Choose Your Adventure” project she made a brochure on Korea.  You’ve got to love word process programs that make it so easy. 
We are now moving on to China. We’ve been waiting impatiently to get to our China study because we have been dying to use the China activity box that came with the core. Finally, our time has arrived.   Her current read aloud is about Hudson Taylor and his missionary work in China.  She’s already written a little mini-report, on the Forbidden City, for one of her Eastern Hemisphere Explorer assignments.  I probably should’ve read it over before I posted it but grading is next on my list after I get my post written.  =o)
In science, we have moved onto a lesson on blood.  And boy was it fun!  we got to make a model of blood. Out of candy.  Woot!! Check it out…
Our corn syrup "plasma”DSC_0174a
DSC_0180aRed hot “red blood cells”
DSC_0187aWhite Jelly Bean “white blood cells” DSC_0193aSprinkle “platelets”
How cool is that?

My Favorite Thing This Week: 
Watching Mackenzie score her teams first basket at her game this week.  Not only didn’t she duck when the ball came at her, she took the shot. Progress.  Go Mackenzie!!!



Kympossible said...

Okay, I was really worried when I saw that there was going to be blood in this post - what a relief it was candy-fied blood! LOL Mackenzie did a great job with her brochure and mini-report!!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Congrats on your first basket of the season, Mack! Nice job! (Cati got the first basket too! LOL)

Oh, and I have 4 Pinterest dinners planned out for this coming week...and 2 special desserts! LOL Lovin' Pinterest! (Oh, and it's OK to eat it all in small amounts! LOL)

Still lovin' the new blog set-up! So tempted to have her do something for me!

Martha said...

The "blood" project looks like fun.

Amy said...

Fellow Pinterest-addicted bloggin friend here! :D :D ... Ur week looked fabulous !hope YOU Get lots of stuff finished up! :)

Shalynne Addison said...

I was also worried seeing blood in the title, haha - but that is so very cool! What a neat hands on thing for the kids! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm a new follower! :)

Kristie said...

I will have to look in to the Apologia What We Believe series...sparked my interest for sure. Also, I'm pinning the blood thing...looks like fun!

Mary said...

We did a blood model this year - it was really neat!

Angela W. said...

I've tried to instill a "no blood" rule in my house. Not going to lie, blood makes this Momma's stomach turn. However, blood out of candy - not so bad! That's a really neat idea.

MissMOE said...

What a neat project--even better that it's ediable!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Wow, love your blood lesson - what a good way to teach about it!


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