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Review: We Choose Virtues, Clue Cards

About We Choose Virtues

From the Website:

Why Choose Virtues

Let's be honest, instilling virtues in kids is hard work. But can it be fun too? We think so. In fact, there's no better way to learn. So We Choose Virtues brings memorable catchphrases, endearing characters, and just plain fun to simply inspire character that lasts. It's the best choice you can make for the kids in your life.
We Choose Virtues (created by Heather McMillan) is not unit study that you use once and then move on from. It is actually a character development tool that you use  every day, every year. You introduce the Virtues, then demonstrate them, memorize the catchphrases, then learn the antonyms, then capture teachable moments when they are being used…or aren’t.

Our Experience

I've seen a lot about the We Choose Virtues products lately and I've been intrigued.  Virtues don't seem to be that be a very big priority in today's society but they are a priority in our home.  And, even as home schoolers, it's hard to teach your kids one thing when the world dictates that these things don't matter.  So when I heard that we were being given an opportunity to review some of their products I was very excited and thankful.  It's something the entire family could use work on.

We received one of their newest products, Virtue Clue Cards, to review.   The company's description:

They are full color and feature The Virtue Kids, their names, the Virtue catchphrase and antonyms, and on the back a "You can do it" challenge! One of the best things my mom taught us when we were little was "What to say". What to say when someone asked us to do something wrong or what to say when someone said something mean about another person, etc. I felt so prepared for those scary moments when ordinarily I wouldn't know what to say! The We Choose Virtues catchphrases are exactly "What to say". Give YOUR kids a Virtue Clue!

The 12 Virtues covered are: Forgiveness, patience, helpfulness, obedience, kindness, attentiveness, honesty, contentedness, diligence, self-controll, perseverance, and gentleness.
Each trait has a "Virtue Kid" that goes along with it.  Each "kid" has their own catch phrase.

We are currently working on the obedience trait.  Oboe Joe is our "partner" for this trait and his  phrase is "I am Obedient.  Ok, whatever you say, I will obey, right away.  I am NOT...argumentative, slow or unwilling, and I don't refuse to do what I'm told."

The front of the card has a colorful picture of "Joe" and the catch phrase.   On the back is a little challenge. "Choose to try to go the whole day doing everything as you are asked to do it...with a smile.  Oboe Joe knows you an do it!"

These card are just a small part of the program, so I was really surprised  that they gave me a really good idea of what the entire program was like.  I had decided to use them as part of our morning routine (calendar and memory verses) and chose the virtue that best went along with our memory verse for the week.

The kids LOVED them!  The cards gave us a fun and meaningful way to discuss these important character traits.  And the phrases really are catchy.  Even my three year old was able to remember them.  When one of us would catch another NOT being virtuous we would just use the catch phrase as a reminder.  

Now I'm not saying our character has been changed over night, far from it, but now we are more conscious of our behavior and that allows us to make changes.  And now I'm even more intrigued by the entire program.  If these small little cards can start making a difference I'm excited to see what the rest of the program is like.


Ages: 3-18 (Yep, there's something for everyone.)
Prices: Varies depending on what you order.  Individual pieces start as low as $2.99 all the up to $244.99 for classroom kits.  The average homeschool kit starts around $99.

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And that's not all...

There is also a great special running right now:  Through the end of February The 100 Days of Virtue Poster and Stickers will be included FREE with any Homeschool Kit  purchase!

Click on the Crew Banner to read more reviews on this wonderful product.

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  


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